How Does a Natural Gas Generator Work?

If you’re wondering “how does a natural gas generator work?” then you’ve come to the right place. The most basic explanation is that these generators are fueled by natural gas, either a direct line piped in by utility suppliers or via a tank, and generate electricity. As detailed on, inside of a natural gas generator, “an internal combustion engine injects a mixture of fuel and air into a combustion chamber, where a piston compresses the mix. A spark plug ignites the fuel, driving the piston down and turning a crankshaft. The crankshaft, in turn, spins the generator’s rotor in an electromagnetic field, generating an electric current that can charge batteries, power appliances or even run high-wattage tools, depending on the generator’s size.”

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Why Choose a Used Natural Gas Generator

The decision of whether to choose a natural gas or diesel generator is an important one. Benefits of choosing a natural gas generator include:

  • Convenience: If your home or facility already receives natural gas, installing a natural gas generator is easily done. When gas is piped directly to the generator, you don’t need to worry about checking fuel tank levels or providing fuel yourself.
  • Environmental Impact: A more environmentally friendly option than diesel, natural gas burns fairly cleanly, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Buying secondhand generators is also a great way to give a second life to gently used, refurbished units.
  • Affordable: Opting for a used model is a smart way to save on your investment. Used generators are sold by Woodstock at great discounts; save up to 75% by shopping our inventory!

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