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If you’re in the agriculture or poultry house industry, you know that you need a reliable and dependable power source at all times. The quality and well-being of your livestock, poultry and crops depend on having the power to take care of all feeding, cleaning, inspection, harvesting and processing tasks according to schedule. Since the main power source can be at risk of dropping out due to inclement weather, grid overload or aging infrastructure, it’s important to have a backup power source you can count on.

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The Importance of Generators for Agriculture & Chicken Farms

In this new age of technology, many of the agricultural and animal raising processes have become increasingly more automated. Power delivery is an absolute necessity when it comes to certain mission-critical operations, such as milking cows, harvesting eggs, and harvesting crops, as well as the overall well-being and tending to livestock.

In this day and age, agricultural and livestock farms, such as hog farms and chicken farms cannot afford to lose power, as it can result in millions of dollars in lost profits.

Commercial generators play a large role in providing reliable, continuous power for farmers and ranchers to continue their day to day operations. This results in mitigated damages such as profit loss, loss of time, crop damage, and overall livestock well-being. With a continuous source of reliable power, farmers and ranchers are able to continue harvesting produce, feed livestock, stay on time for dairy milking schedules, track cow location, and provide proper living conditions for their livestock.

Major Agricultural Industries That Rely On Generators

Dairy Farms
Dairy farms rely heavily on reliable, continuous power sources. Dairy farms employ the use of computertized systems that keep track of their dairy cows’ location, milking schedules, and timetables for which cow needs to be milk. Additionally, electric milking machines rely on stable, reliable, and continuous power sources. If there is a power outage without a backup source of power, the electric milking machine would cease to operate.

Cold storage warehouses that keep milk and other dairy products would also be in jeopardy if there was a loss of power or total power outage. Installing and maintaining a reliable commercial generator can prevent the heavy loss of profits and damages to good and products.

Livestock are at critical risk during power outages. Hog farms, poultry farms, and other livestock farms that are packed closely together, rely heavily on ventilation systems that keep the room at a certain temperature and provide fresh air. When a power outage occurs, these animals can begin suffocating or result in unsafe temperatures that jeopardize the animals’ welfare.

These days, feeding livestock relies on a computer system with specific timetables that provide food and fresh water. In the event of a power outage, the livestocks’ overall nutritional well-being could be negatively impacted. Time loss is also another factor, as farmers and ranchers would need to manually control and feed all their livestock, taking away valuable time from other operations.

Harvesting Operations
Harvesting operations are also affected by loss of power outages, as automated water sprinklers may not provide crops with sufficient amounts of water. Sprayers that help ripen fruit by applying coats of nutrient based solutions would also cease to function. Also, for farmers who rely on computerized equipment, including automated picking machines to harvest product would cease to function.

Don’t let a power outage slow you down. Invest in a commercial generator for backup and emergency purposes to safeguard your business and protect your crops & flocks.

Commercial Generators for Agriculture & Livestock

Affordable backup power is available by way of agriculture diesel generators. At Woodstock Power, we have farm generators for sale that have been inspected, serviced, and are ready to put to use. We stock our turnkey units in warehouses around the country so that we’re sure there’s a solution ready to put in place quickly when you contact us. We know that no two farms are exactly alike, which is why we take the time and care to understand your business and find the perfect model of generator that’s geared toward your specific electrical consumption needs.

We’re ready to help you calculate your power consumption needs and determine which make and model of backup generators for farms suits you best. Choosing a used unit means you’re saving up to 70% on the price of a new generator. You can also get it within three days, as opposed to waiting several weeks for a new unit. Don’t put your poultry house or other agricultural business at risk of power failure. Even a short power failure can be costly if you lose birds or livestock or can’t process animals, crops or other products in a timely manner.

Backup Generators for Extra Peace of Mind

As anyone in the agriculture industry will tell you, there are many factors out of your control that can affect the profitability and safety of your business. Don’t let an unreliable power source be one of them. We can help you choose a backup generator that is perfectly suited to the size and type of your farm and ensure the power stays on even when the primary source drops out.

Contact our team here at Woodstock and tell us about your poultry house or other agricultural installations. Make note of the power consumption of all of your equipment, including fans, lights, pumps, fences, etc. We’ll explain how to calculate your backup power needs and discuss your plans for future growth or equipment and provide you with a free quote. With our experience, we’re confident we’ll find the perfect diesel farm backup generator for your needs.

We carry all brands and models, so we’ll never push you to choose one generator over another. Our goal is to find the reliable backup power generation solution that suits your farm, budget and expectations perfectly. You work hard to run a profitable agriculture or poultry house business. Equip yourself with the backup power generator that ensures the safety, quality and value of your products and keeps your farm running smoothly all year round.

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