Used Telecom Power Systems

When it comes to repairing cell towers or other important infrastructure, every second it takes to get back up and running is critical. For this reason and others, the telecom industry demands reliable, cost-effective backup power solutions.

Woodstock Power is a longstanding partner to telecommunications service providers and related contractors. We have an extensive inventory of used cellphone tower backup generators for sale that deliver reliable performance in the field – meeting your mobile tower power consumption requirements while keeping your operating costs low.

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Backup Power You Can Count on in Critical Applications

Backup and emergency power generators play a number of important roles in the telecommunications industry. Whether it’s running lighting that keeps your crew working around the clock in an emergency or providing standby power for a cell tower, a telecom generator must be easy to use, reliable and tough enough to perform in the most demanding conditions.

Woodstock Power sells diesel and natural gas generators ranging in size from 35kW to 2500kW. We carry products by some of today’s leading manufacturers, including CumminsCaterpillar® and more. Because we are not tied to one brand, we offer more options and more flexibility to select the perfect unit for your needs. Let our team of experts assess your cell tower backup power requirements and help you choose a generator with the ideal combination of power, performance and cost.

Saving Money With a Used Generator

The competitive telecom industry requires organizations to run leaner operations and make smarter investments when purchasing equipment. Here’s why buying a used telecom backup power generator is a good choice for your business:

  • Buying used saves you depreciation costs. Woodstock Power sells used telecom generators at up to 70 percent off new retail pricing. With used, not only do you avoid paying the initial depreciation, you also get a backup power solution that’s likely to command a strong resale value in the future.
  • Buying used stretches your budget further. A used generator that’s in good condition is likely to deliver better performance and fuel economy than a comparably priced new machine from a lesser manufacturer.
  • Buying used gets you the equipment you need faster. A new generator may take weeks to deliver, particularly if it needs to be sourced from a factory or warehouse overseas. On the other hand, used units from Woodstock Power are typically ready to ship in three days or less, from one of our convenient domestic holding facilities.

Shop With Confidence at the Used Generator Experts

As with any piece of equipment, there will always be a risk when buying a used telecom power generator. To enjoy the above benefits while still getting the peace of mind of knowing your purchase will deliver reliable performance for years to come, choose Woodstock Power. Our inventory includes several newer and low-hour machines – all of which are tested extensively and confirmed to be in 100 percent running condition.

Woodstock Power is committed to developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we do business with. We will provide assistance every step of the way, from helping you choose a used portable telecom generator that meets your cell tower backup power requirements, to overseeing the installation and testing of your purchase.

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