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When you are looking to choose the right power source for your installation or equipment, you have two main options: single-phase and three-phase generators. Here at Woodstock Power, we carry a broad range of used generators that save you money and give you the backup or off-grid power you need. Our selection of single-phase generators has many great advantages that make them a popular choice for our customers across the continent.

In general terms, a single-phase generator produces electricity using a single wave of alternating current. In practical terms, this means you can load a single piece of equipment, motor or other installation to use up to 100% of the available generator set power. The load control on single-phase generators is simpler than with the three-phase versions, allowing for simple and reliable power delivery at all times.

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Optimize for Efficiency

Before purchasing a generator, make sure you have calculated your typical and maximum loads so you don’t over- or under-size your generator. Both situations can cause problems:

  • Over-sized: A generator with too much power will cost you more than you need to spend. Always remember that a generator is most efficient at 75-80% of the maximum load. Plan for your standard loads as well as any peak loads that may occur from time to time, such as during a power outage.
  • Under-sized: An under-sized or under-powered generator won’t be able to deliver seamless power when needed. Running a generator above 80% capacity causes excess heat and wear and will shorten the life of your equipment.

Avoid blackouts and costly breakdowns related to generator failure by choosing the right model for your application. Our Woodstock Power team can help you choose the right single-phase generator and ensure that you have all the power you need, either as a primary installation or an emergency backup.

Save Money on Your Single-Phase Generator Purchase

When you turn to Woodstock Power, you’re not only getting our expert advice and experience — you’re also benefiting from our great prices. We save many of our customers up to 70% over the price of a new generator without sacrificing reliability and efficiency. To accomplish that, all of our used generators are:

  • Inspected upon reception
  • Serviced and repaired as necessary
  • Tested for load and safety performance
  • Quickly shipped to you once you’ve placed your order

We know that not having the power you need can cost you money and cause major disruptions to your business, service or facility. With a used single-phase generator from Woodstock Power, you save money and can be confident that you have all the power you need when you need it.

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To better serve our customers, we stock our used single-phase generators at locations across the country. This means we can ship to you faster so you can get your generator online and providing reliable, efficient power right away. Contact our team for more information or browse our catalog of quality used single-phase generators now to discover our complete lineup.

The advantages of single-phase generators for low to moderate power needs are clear, so equip yourself at an affordable price with a used generator from Woodstock Power.

Ready to upgrade your prime or backup power system? Get in touch with a Woodstock Power representative today. Though we have an extensive selection of used single phase industrial generators for sale, we are not bound to any one manufacturer and, as a result, we offer a limitless range of choices when it comes to matching you with the best generator for your needs.

We also buy used equipment. If you have an older single phase generator you’re looking to get rid of, visit our Sell page to request a quote. We offer excellent pricing for all quality used equipment.

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