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Ski Resort Backup Power Generators

Ski resorts require a reliable power supply to keep the lodge, snow machines and lifts running and to maintain the condition of the slopes. But severe winter weather and the remote location of many resorts can contribute to an electrical outage that brings the entire operation to a standstill. Ski resorts must have reliable backup power generators to minimize the risk of a lengthy power failure.

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Power Generators Keep the Snow Falling All Season Long

The unpredictable nature of winter weather in many areas of the U.S. could leave a ski resort without snow for extended periods. Consequently, snow-making machines are perhaps the most crucial pieces of equipment at any resort — their ability to produce snow quickly keeps the slopes open and the dollars flowing in all winter long. Larger resorts typically require multiple machines to meet demand. Portability is also a vital factor to enable resort operators to transport the equipment to different trails as needed.

Ski resort backup power generators will supply the electricity needed to keep the snow machines functioning during an outage, ensuring you’ll have snow throughout the winter. You can also purchase portable units that you can tow to and from the trails and connect them to your machines. Portable generators are available in multiple sizes and capacities to meet your machines’ power requirements — even if you operate larger units that consume a significant amount of energy.

Backup Generators Ensure Your Resort Stays Open No Matter the Weather

Of course, snow machines aren’t the only things that require electrical power at a ski resort. Larger resorts can have all the amenities of a small town — and similar power requirements. A blizzard or other natural or man-made event that knocks out the power supply could cripple the “community” for several hours, a few days or longer.

Having a sufficient number of emergency power generators for ski resorts can help you avoid a financial or worse catastrophe. By providing a reliable backup power supply, generators can:

  • Keep resort amenities such as hotels, restaurants, spas and gift shops open for business regardless of the conditions
  • Maintain a comfortable, hospitable environment that will make your guests want to return for many winters to come
  • Prevent safety risks that can result from a loss of heat or lighting
  • Provide additional power if the grid can’t keep up with demand

Portable and Powerful Generators for Ski Resorts

Woodstock Power offers a wide selection of high-quality used generators for ski resorts that will keep the electricity flowing during a power outage, including models that meet the energy requirements of snow machines. You’ll find an assortment of portable diesel and natural gas units that have been expertly refurbished and thoroughly tested, ensuring reliable performance all winter long. And a used generator from Woodstock Power can cost up to 70 percent less than a comparable new product, which will have a positive impact on any resort’s bottom line.

Take a moment to review our current inventory of used backup power generators for ski resorts. Feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information.

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