Used Generators for Construction Sites

A generator can serve many useful purposes at a construction site. It can provide the power for various types of construction equipment and lighting systems, as well as the electricity for the trailer used as a temporary office at the site. A construction generator must be portable so that it can be relocated around the site as needed, and easily transported from one project to another.

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The Importance of Generators at Construction Sites

A commercial generator can serve many useful purposes at construction sites. It can provide required power for various types of construction equipment, lighting systems, and pumps, as well as provide electricity for the trailer designated to be used as a temporary on-site office. Construction generators are utilized for a variety of industrial applications and are heavily relied upon, often acting as the main source of power for projects that may be located off the power grid.

Having a reliable commercial generator on-site is not only vital for day to day operations, but more importantly for mission-critical applications. A durable, reliable source of backup power can help reduce downtime, prevent endangering your employees, and mitigate loss of profits due to power outages.

Commercial and industrial generators used at construction sites are usually portable, so that they can be relocated around the site as need arise and can be transported from one project location to another with relative ease.

Woodstock Power Offers a Large Assortment of Used Construction Site Generators

If yours is like many construction operations these days, you must find ways to minimize costs in order to remain competitive. However, you still need to purchase reliable equipment that you can trust to get the job done. Woodstock Power is your source for a used portable power generator for construction sites that fulfills both of these criteria.

Choosing a brand-name generator in peak operating condition can save you as much as 70 percent off the cost of a new unit. When you’re looking for temporary power for your construction site, make sure you know how to choose the right vendor.

Many Types of Used Generators Available

Our inventory typically consists of a wide variety of used natural gas, diesel and electric generators for construction site use. Units are available from 25kW to 2500kW, and in multiple sizes and configurations. Select from single- and three-phase units to meet your specific power requirements. We encourage you to rely on our expert staff to help you choose the best used generator for your construction site applications and budget requirements.

Your Generator Will Arrive Quickly and in Ready-to-Use Condition

A situation could arise where you need a generator shipped directly to your construction site. Our extensive nationwide distribution system is your assurance that a top-quality used generator will never be far away when you need it the most. All of our used generators are available for immediate shipment and will arrive ready to install.

We can even connect you with a capable installation professional in your local area who can handle the task for you so that you can get your generator up and running as quickly as possible.

We Also Buy Used Construction Site Generators

If you have a generator you’re looking to sell, Woodstock Power can offer you a fair price for your working used equipment. We will provide upfront payment and even arrange to pick up the unit at your facility or construction site. The entire process normally takes no more than three days from the time the transaction is finalized.

Who Is Woodstock Power?

Woodstock Power is a full-service power generation equipment buyer and seller located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Our business philosophy is built on a solid foundation consisting of three basic principles: trust, integrity and vision. We strive to foster long-lasting relationships with every customer to help them achieve their unique business objectives.

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