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Used Detroit Diesel Generators For Sale

Detroit Diesel is a well-known OEM diesel engine manufacturer within the industry. Offering a full-line of diesel engine platforms for heavy-duty, mid-range, and light-industry tasks, Detroit Diesel has been a common name within the commercial generator market. Detroit Diesel often works with other brand name generator companies within the industry by providing diesel engines to help power the generators for commercial business operations, industrial applications, and for providing backup power generation for facilities, such as data centers.

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Used Detroit Diesel Generators

Detroit Diesel has focused less on producing generator sets (gen sets), but shifted their focus on producing quality diesel generator engines to be paired with other commercial generator brand manufacturers. Detroit Diesel generators are designed to be durable, industrial grade commercial generators that last.


Benefits of buying used generators

One of the biggest benefits of buying a used generator in either diesel or natural gas configurations is the cost savings. Purchasing used generators can save up to 70% when compared to the original cost of a brand new generator. Another big advantage of a used generator is that they are immediately available. New generators are usually made to order, which equate to significantly longer lead times. Used generators allow generator buyers to cutback on lead time and have a generator delivered to them within days versus months. Buying used generators also affords the generator buyer more brand options, so they won’t be locked into buying only one specific brand. Aside from used Detroit Diesel generators and generator sets manufactured with a Detroit Diesel engine, we carry many different brands of generators in various configurations and power ratings, giving generator buyers the power to choose.

Immediate shipping anywhere in the usa

A power grid problem, tropical storm, earthquake, hurricane, severe Winter weather storm, or even a malfunctioning generator can bring your business operations to a standstill. Whether you’re looking to replace a failing generator or safeguard your business from the elements, we can provide fast shipping to anywhere within the USA to help mitigate any downtime due to power outages and help maintain productivity to prevent loss of profits.

Additional services

Woodstock Power Company not only specializes in buying, selling, and renting generators, but we also provide additional services such as:

  • Site Planning for Generator Installation
  • Generator Service & Maintenance
  • Generator Decommissioning & Removal
  • Generator Asset Recovery
  • Generator Emission Upgrades

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