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An undeniable fact when it comes to commercial generators is that they are expensive when assessing upfront costs. The cost to purchase is often very expensive when buying a commercial generator, which can deter many business owners from installing a commercial generator for their backup power generation needs.

Commercial generators are often considered vital when it comes to many business operations, industrial applications, and facilities, but what about businesses who cannot afford the upfront cost of a commercial generator?

Woodstock Power Company offers options, such as financing and leasing for companies that are looking to install commercial generators to help safeguard their businesses from loss due to power outages.

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Woodstock Power Company offers flexible financing options for companies and provide peace of mind by getting the backup power they need now and pay later. Financing a commercial generator is a great way to ensure that you have all the safeguards to your business such as power outages due to natural disasters, inclement weather, or the aging power grid, which will allow your business to mitigate loss of profits and productivity, as well as maintain a safe working environment for you and your employees. Financing a commercial generator means that installed payments will be made over a specified duration, until the generator is completely paid off.


Woodstock Power Company also offers flexible leasing options for companies that are looking to acquire a commercial generator for a fixed period of time, but will not have to handle the generator after the lease is up. This option can be beneficial for many scenarios, but is most commonly chosen by companies that may be renting or leasing an office or commercial building from a landlord or commercial management property as tenants.

Companies that are renting or leasing may only plan to stay at a specific office space or commercial building for a set amount of time, but want to have a standby commercial generator available in case of emergencies or power outage. Once their leasing contract or rental agreement has expired, they may then choose to relocate to another office space or commercial building. Leasing a generator may be the best solution to meet those needs.

Alternatively, over time, as a company scales up, they may need to move to a bigger office with greater power requirements from a backup commercial generator. Leasing the commercial generator can be a great solution for companies who want to have the commercial generator for emergency backup power, but can return the leased generator for a unit with a higher power output. In essence, as the business scales, so do the power requirements, resulting in a greater generator power requirement.

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