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The Best Generators for Grow Rooms

A reliable and efficient generator is an important part of any grow room. You need a power supply you can count on for your lights, fans, pumps and other grow room-related electric equipment and installations. If you’re building a new grow room or upgrading a current room that doesn’t have sufficient power, our team here at Woodstock Power can help you find the right generators at the best prices.

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Sizing Is the Key

When you choose a power generator solution for any project, sizing is crucial. A power supply that doesn’t provide enough power won’t keep all of your lights and equipment running reliably. An undersized power supply will also work harder, which can shorten its lifespan. On the other hand, oversizing your generator costs you money that would be better invested in other aspects of your grow room operation.

Start by listing all of the lights and equipment you have in your room. You’ll find power consumption details on your lamps, pumps, fans and other electrical equipment. Make a note of the equipment you have today and also take into consideration any future growth. If you will shortly be adding new lights to expand your grow room, you may want to size your generator to accommodate them. If you won’t be upgrading right away, you may want to choose a generator solution that suits your current configuration and make plans to add an additional generator or upgrade to a larger unit in the future.

In all cases, knowing how much power your grow room lights will use allows you to choose the right sized generator. If you plan on growing your facility, allowing for at least 10% additional power can be beneficial if looking to add power in the near future. This will keep your installation operating during power surges at startup or if you need to run any additional equipment on a temporary or occasional basis.

Choosing Your Grow Room Generator

Once you know your grow room power needs, it’s easy to choose the right industrial power generator. If you’re not sure how to determine the power needs of your equipment or aren’t sure how to calculate the total requirements, our team can help. We have built strong relationships with leading experts across the country and will work with them to calculate your energy needs and point you toward the right sized generator. You can also reach out to a local electrician to size up your current output and any additional machinery that needs to be added in the future to get the right amount of amps the service will draw.

At Woodstock Power, we deal in all makes and models of power generators so that you have more choice. In many cases, you can save up to 70% off the cost of retail on quality inspected and refurbished units, so ask for your free quote today.

Instead of choosing a generator for your grow room at random and waiting while it’s delivered, choose one of our ready-to-go turnkey units that saves you money and still gives you the power, reliability and value your grow room needs to be profitable. Let us help you find the perfect model and size of generator for your grow room and benefit from constant and dependable power day and night. The success of your grow room depends on keeping your lights and equipment running at all times, so choose a reliable and affordable generator for grow lights from us here at Woodstock Power.

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