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As a facility owner, one of your tasks is to ensure there is ample power in your facility for all of the machines, equipment, and electrical installations. While the reliability of your power generation system is key, so is having an affordable and economical generator to help reduce operating and energy costs. If you have a new facility that requires a commercial backup generator or are looking to upgrade your current system, our team here at Woodstock Power has the solutions you’re looking for.

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Why Have a Standby Generator?

Having a standby generator can seem like an unnecessary expense. Some facility owners attempt to save money by relying solely on the primary power grid and not installing a backup solution. The problem with this is that, depending on the nature of your business, industry or service, a loss of power can be very costly, disruptive or even dangerous. Consider the types of facilities that need to ensure reliable power at all times, including:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Data centers and communications hubs
  • High-value manufacturing facilities
  • Power generation facilities
  • Water and sewage treatment facilities
  • Nuclear installations
  • Prisons and detention centers

These are just a few of the types of facilities that simply can’t be without power. With an aging electrical grid in many parts of the country and the ever-present risk of a natural disasters such as flooding, tornados or hurricanes, a backup diesel generator for commercial and industrial properties is a necessity. For many other industrial, commercial and educational facilities, a loss of power is detrimental and can cause loss of productivity and profit that’s difficult to recuperate.

Choosing the Right Generator

Choosing the right type and power of commercial backup generator system comes down to studying the unique power needs of your facility and choosing a generator that can meet them. Our experienced Woodstock Power team can help you gather the information you need relative to the power consumption of your buildings, equipment and machines.

Once we have this information, we can help you choose the right diesel commercial generator from our used inventory. You can save up to 70% over the price of new and benefit from turn-key generators that are ready to put in service right away. There’s no waiting thanks to our fully serviced and inspected generators available in various locations around the country.

Do you already know which size and type of commercial diesel backup generator you need for your facility? You can browse our catalog right now and ask for a free quote. If you need help choosing or want more information on how to calculate your power needs, let our team know. We’ll take the time to study your facility power requirements and propose a generator that combines, performance, efficiency, reliability and value so that your business, building or facility is sure to have standby power at all times.

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