Generator Asset Recovery

Power Generation Asset Recovery

Getting the most out of your company’s assets is important to your bottom line. You invest significant amounts of capital in your power generation and commercial generator equipment and want to maximize your return on investment (ROI). One way to get the most out of your generator assets is to sell them when you no longer need them and use that money to invest in newer or more powerful generators to grow your business.

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Here at Woodstock Power, we are national experts in industrial power generation solutions and can offer top dollar for your used industrial generators and equipment. We have contacts with leading experts and businesses that trust us as a source for buying and selling quality used generators. To offer better service and more choice to our customers, we buy and sell all brands and models of generators, ranging from compact commercial 35kW units to powerful 2500kW power plant facilities.

If you’re looking to recover a maximum of your power asset value, Woodstock Power is your first choice. With contacts across the country and experience buying and shipping all sizes of generators from every corner of the USA, we make generator asset recovery easier. Our position as a leader allows us to offer you more money for your asset which we then inspect, recondition and add to our inventory of quality used power generators.

Determining the Value of Your Asset

When you contact us, we start by asking questions about your asset. It’s important for us to know exactly what you’re selling so that we can offer you the best price possible. To assign a value, we require the following information:

  • Equipment brand and model
  • Date of manufacture
  • Hours of service
  • Any options or features
  • Service history information
  • General condition and state of function
  • Location of the asset
  • Information on damage or malfunction

Years of Experience.

Our team has years of experience inspecting and servicing all makes and models of industrial power generators and will provide you with top dollar for your equipment. We can buy your generator outright or take yours in on a trade if you’re looking to upgrade. To facilitate your asset recovery, we have our own fleet of trucks and come to you to pick up your generator. We also pay upfront so that you don’t have to wait for your money.

This is our way of creating a trusting relationship with our customers. Our goal is to help you recover more from your power generation asset investment so that you can reinvest that money in a new generator or other areas of your business. If you have a used 35kW-2500kW industrial or commercial generator that you no longer need and are looking to get the most money possible selling it, contact Woodstock Power today. We will provide you with a free valuation and prove to you that we offer more than the competition for your used generators and power generation equipment.

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