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Knowing your generator room size requirements will make it easy to ensure a safe space to designate as your generator room. Many regulations and guidelines are in place to help ensure safety in generator rooms. These guidelines include things like how much square footage of aisle space is needed between units and limits on noise emissions. Room requirements may vary depending on what type and size of generator you own; some industrial generators can be quite large, requiring more space than smaller models. It’s important to find the right space to install your generator to meet regulations while maintaining safety for everyone in your facility.

If space limitations mean that you already have a space to store generators but are looking to find a model that will meet regulations, Woodstock Power Company is a good place to search. No matter what size generator you require, Woodstock’s extensive inventory is sure to have the perfect fit. We carry all types of generators including those fueled by diesel or natural gas, portable and stationary, and more.

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Guide to Generator Room Size Requirements

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set basic requirements for the size of generator rooms as stated in the National Electric Code (NEC). These guidelines include:

  • Basic Room Requirements: A generator room must have enough space for a person to be able to service the generator with enclosure doors open. There also must be enough square footage for two people to be able to pass one another.
  • Installations of 600 Volts or Less: A minimum of three to four feet of aisle space is required, depending on if components are installed on one or both sides of the aisle.
  • Installations Over 600 Volts: A minimum of three feet and up to as much as 12 feet of aisle space is required for these installations.

You’ll notice the guidelines vary greatly, as specific voltages and set ups will require different space allowances. For more detailed information about generator room size requirements, contact Woodstock via phone or email. We’re happy to help explain generator room size requirements and help you make your space safe.

Find Out More About Generator Room Size Requirements With Woodstock’s Help

Woodstock Power Company is a trustworthy source of knowledge about all things power-related. Contact our professional and friendly customer service staff any time, 24/7, for help understanding and meeting generator room size requirements. We can also help to determine what size generator is the best fit for your needs and space. We’re a trusted source for help buying, selling, and even renting used generators and power accessories. For an affordable rate on a used generator with a large selection and helpful staff, Woodstock is a clear choice.

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