Backup Generators for Airports

Millions of people depend on air travel for business and pleasure. Airports operate around the clock, and they must have a continuous source of electrical power to keep their various systems and facilities up and running. Even a brief power outage can inconvenience passengers and possibly present a significant safety risk.

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The Importance of Reliable Power in Airports

Airports depend on backup generators to supply electricity when power from the grid is unavailable due to severe weather conditions or catastrophic events. If airport generators fail, it can affect the facility’s operations in a variety of ways:

  • Passengers can’t check-in or purchase tickets at kiosks.
  • Baggage carousels will not function properly.
  • The lack of lighting will make it difficult for passengers to navigate through the terminals.
  • Amenities such as food and shopping will be unavailable because employees won’t be able to execute transactions.
  • Air trams won’t be able to transport passengers to and from parking lots and hotels.
  • Elevators and moving walkways will not function.
  • Hotels on or adjacent to the property may be unable to provide adequate service to guests.

Reliable Generators Keep Airport Visitors Safe

From a safety and security perspective, the loss of electrical power could impact the instrumentation in air traffic control towers, making it impossible for planes to take off and land safely. TSA employees won’t be able to use their electronic equipment to screen passengers as they board their flights. Thus, reliable backup generators for airports are essential for protecting the lives of travelers and airport workers.

Powerful Generators to Match Airport Systems

To complicate matters, airports continue to increase in size and complexity. Consequently, they require more generators to meet their evolving power requirements. Designers of airport infrastructures must ensure they have a sufficient number of generators — and that they choose equipment compatible with the facility’s electrical systems.

More and more airport design and construction professionals are turning to Woodstock Power for their generator needs. We offer an impressive selection of top-quality used airport generators for sale in a wide range of sizes and capacities. We also have the expertise to help you choose the right equipment for your unique power generation requirements.

Fully Refurbished Used Airport Diesel Generators

We feature used diesel generators that are ideally suited for airport operating environments. While diesel fuel is typically more expensive than natural gas, diesel engines are more fuel-efficient and cost less to maintain — your long-term operating costs should be much lower. And our used generators can save you up to 70 percent over the price of brand new equipment. They’re also less likely to ignite, which is a crucial safety benefit at a crowded airport facility.

All of our diesel generators have been expertly reconditioned and undergo rigorous testing, ensuring their long-lasting performance and reliability — you can purchase them with total confidence.

Airport Generators From Woodstock Power

Take a moment to review our current selection of used industrial generators for airports. Feel free to contact us online for additional product and pricing information.

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