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Used Portable Commercial Generators For Sale

The last thing any business owner needs is to lose electrical power. An unexpected power interruption can cause an entire operation to come to a standstill, and the resulting lost productivity can have devastating consequences. Portable generators provide the perfect temporary power generation solution in an emergency, and can also serve as a mobile power source at remote jobsites.

Woodstock Power can provide a high-quality, used portable generator that will never leave you in the dark when you need it the most.

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Wide Selection of Used Portable Diesel Generators for Sale

Our large power generation equipment inventory includes high-quality, used portable diesel generators. Diesel power generation equipment is known for its excellent fuel efficiency, reliable long-term performance and ease of maintenance. Diesel generators also provide the best option in work environments where safety is a primary concern, as there is no spark produced during fuel ignition that could cause a fire or explosion.

We Also Offer Used Portable Gas Generators for Sale

Woodstock Power can supply you with a high-performing, used gas-powered portable generator. The lower cost of natural gas can make gas generators the better alternative for companies that want to minimize their upfront fuel expenses. Clean-burning natural gas also helps companies comply with today’s increasingly stringent emissions standards. Additionally, you will not have to bear the burden and expense of storing generator fuel, as natural gas is a self-contained fuel source that’s readily available via public gas lines.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Used Portable Generators From Woodstock Power?

Whether you prefer a gas or diesel-powered unit, purchasing a used generator instead of new can cut your equipment costs by as much as 70 percent! Every used generator we sell has been inspected and tested to ensure it can provide the reliable, long-lasting performance you expect and deserve.

And while we don’t focus on any specific brands, our inventory typically includes a broad selection of used generators from some of the most respected manufacturers in the power generation industry. You will know you’re getting a reputable product that still has a lot left to offer a new owner.

We Serve the Entire USA

Your business does not have to be located near our Philadelphia, PA home base to have access to our top-notch used generator products and services. We store used portable gas and diesel generators in multiple locations spanning the entire country, which means we can ship equipment to just about anywhere in the United States. Our team also has the ability to help you with installation, precise calculation of power requirements at your facility and much more.

Let Us Know Your Power Generation Needs

If you’re in the market for a used mobile generator that will meet your power requirements and reduce your equipment costs, be sure to contact the power generation professionals at Woodstock Power today! Our knowledgeable staff is available on a 24/7 basis to answer your questions and assist you with choosing the best generator for your applications.

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