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Are you in need of a generator for your business? Are you concerned about the high cost of brand-new equipment? Purchasing a reliable used surplus diesel generator from Woodstock Power is a smart way to get the power generation equipment you’re looking for, without taking a big bite out of your budget. You could save as much as 70 percent off the original list price just by buying a used diesel electric generator from us!

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Explore the Many Advantages of Diesel Power Generation

Generators are available in a wide range of fuel/power sources, which can make it difficult to choose the right type for your operation. Diesel generators offer certain advantages that can make sense for many companies.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that diesel engines are extremely fuel-efficient. While the cost of diesel fuel is typically higher than that of natural gas, the superior performance and reduced maintenance costs can make used diesel generating systems more cost-effective over the long haul. Diesel generators also last longer, meaning you won’t have to replace them as frequently. Finally, there’s less risk of ignition, which can make diesel generators safer to operate.

We Offer a Large Selection of Top-Quality Used Commercial Diesel Generators

At Woodstock Power, we purchase and refurbish used, brand-name diesel generators and offer them for sale at fantastic prices. Every used commercial diesel generator undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure it’s ready to provide dependable, long-term performance for its new owner. The way we see it, if your used diesel power generator meets your performance expectations, you’ll be more likely to purchase power generation and other industrial equipment from us in the future.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround Times for Used Industrial Diesel Generators

If you’re purchasing a used standby diesel generator to replace a failed unit, you definitely need it as quickly as possible. Although we’re based in the Philadelphia, PA area, we store used generators in multiple locations throughout the country for the convenience of our buyers. All our generators are available for immediate shipment, so they will arrive at your facility in the shortest amount of time. We can also arrange to have your generator professionally installed if needed.

Rely on Our Expertise and Resources to Help You Make the Best Buying Decision

With so many used generator sets for sale to choose from, determining the right equipment can be a challenge! Luckily, our expert staff can help you target the products that best meet your power generation and budgetary requirements. You also have access to multiple resources such as spec sheets, generator-sizing tools and a power calculator that can make the task so much easier.

Start Your Search for a Top-Quality Used Diesel Generator for Sale Right Now

Take a look at our current inventory of high-performing, used diesel generator sets for sale, and feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information. Make Woodstock Power your one-stop source for all your power generation equipment needs!

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