Diesel Generators for the Mining Industry

Diesel generators are a necessity when it comes to the mining industry. Often times, mining sites & operations are in remote locations, so diesel generators are the backbone for power generation. Diesel generators are the preferred generator choice in the mining industry due to their fuel supply, because diesel fuel is less volatile when compared to its natural gas counterpart. The power generated by diesel generators accounts for about 70% of a mining operation’s operating power, which is used to power shovels, drills, and excavators for mining coal, copper ore, iron ore, gas, and even precious metals.

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The Importance of Diesel Generators for Mining

If a mining operation were to be conducted without power, the mining process would take require a painstaking amount of time, labor-intensive work, and increased manpower. Diesel generators are leveraged in all facets in the mining industry from drilling, breaking rocks, hauling heavy material loads, and transporting harvested resources in an efficient manner.

Woodstock Power: Your One-Stop Source for High-Quality Used Generators for Mining

Woodstock Power offers brand-name used commercial generators for mining that can provide a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new power generation equipment. Our inventory consists of a broad selection of diesel generators for mining — the type that constitutes more than 70% of the generators used in the industry’s applications. You’ll also find natural gas generators for mining that provide a cleaner fuel-burning option. We feature generators with output capacities ranging from 35kW to 2500kW, though we can also handle specific power generation applications.

Save Money and Get Great Service With Used Commercial Generators for Mining

Purchasing used backup generators from Woodstock Power is an excellent way to keep your mining operation’s costs under control. You’ll get up to 70% off the original price, which can provide substantial savings if you need to buy several units. We’ve also formed partnerships with some of the top installers throughout the U.S., which will save you the time and hassle of trying to do it yourself or find someone to perform the task.

Fast Delivery for Your Mining Generators

If you need your generators in a hurry, Woodstock Power can accommodate you. Although we’re based in the Philadelphia, PA, area, we have convenient equipment holding locations throughout the country to ensure fast delivery to your facility or mining site. No lead time is necessary when ordering — you’ll get a generator in ready-to-use condition quickly.

We Also Buy Used Generators for Mining

If you have some commercial generators for mining that you’d like to sell, Woodstock Power will be happy to buy them. We pay top dollar for functioning equipment (we pay 100% upfront), and we’ll even send a truck to your facility to pick it up. The entire transaction takes only three days or less.

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