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Choosing the Right Cummins Generator

On this page, you’ll find detailed specifications for the complete lineup of used Cummins diesel and natural gas generators available from Woodstock Power. Browse the available PDFs for information, or contact a representative directly for more information about any of our products.

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Cummins Specs:

The Cummins generator specifications on this page can only tell you so much. Choosing the best backup or prime power solution for your business requires careful consideration of both empirical and subjective factors. Some things to consider include:

  • Application: Are you looking for a generator to provide backup power in an emergency? To help your crew work in a remote location where other sources of power aren’t available? To drive your operation altogether? Cummins manufactures generators for a variety of purposes, from construction work and outdoor events to mission-critical applications such as data centers and hospitals.
  • Power rating: Browsing the Cummins generator spec sheets on this page, you can see that the company manufactures a full range of products between 35kW and 2,500kW. Obviously, choosing a unit that offers enough power for your application is critical. What most customers don’t realize, however, is that an overpowered unit can have drawbacks, too. Most machines work best running at between 50-75 percent of their rated capacity – below that, efficiency is seriously compromised and fuel costs spike. Let a Woodstock Power representative assess your needs and recommend the optimal size generator for your business.
  • Fuel type: A diesel generator can be counted on to provide reliable performance in all weather, as well as excellent fuel economy and low overall maintenance and operating costs. Natural gas generators are less common, though they are becoming more popular on the used market as fuel availability increases across the country. Consider which fuel source will be most convenient for you, and check out the Cummins generator spec sheets on this page for more information.
  • Regulatory requirements: For applications such as residential construction, maintaining compliance with local guidelines may require choosing a machine engineered for quiet performance. Also, all engines used in commercial diesel generators are now required to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 emissions guidelines. Contact a Woodstock Power representative for more information about these and other important regulatory requirements.
  • Reputation: A generator is a big investment – when buying used, the manufacturer’s reputation is one of the best indicators that a unit will deliver long-term performance and value. Cummins is one of the biggest names in power generation equipment for a good reason. The company is known for high-quality, durable products that meet the demands of practically any industry or application.

Knowing what to look for when reviewing Cummins generator specifications is only one part of making a smart used equipment purchase. For peace of mind, working with a supplier you can trust is essential. At Woodstock Power, we help you make smarter purchases by providing information, expert advice and support throughout the process. Browse our inventory to view detailed product specs, or contact a representative for assistance.

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