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Backup Generators for Amusement Parks

The typical amusement or theme park requires a tremendous amount of electricity to power all the rides, attractions, food service operations and lighting. An unexpected power outage could bring everything to a standstill. Besides the inconvenience to the guests who were hoping to enjoy a fun-filled outing, a power loss can also pose a safety risk. Backup generators for amusement parks should be part of every venue operator or owner’s contingency plan.

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Why Are Backup Generators for Theme Parks So Important?

While the power grid can provide a reliable source of electricity, you never know when an outage will occur. Amusement parks do the bulk of their business during the summer, when the risk of severe thunderstorms is at its highest. Backup generators will deliver “off the grid” electricity should storms, blackouts or other unexpected events disrupt the power supply. Generators can help to prevent potentially litigious — and dangerous — situations, such as people getting trapped on rides, visitors wandering around in the dark and food spoilage at refreshment stands.

Woodstock Power Can Meet All Your Theme Park Generator Needs

Philadelphia, PA-based Woodstock Power can provide high-quality used backup generators for amusement parks located throughout the United States. We feature used equipment from leading manufacturers and brands such as MTU, Cummins, Caterpillar and Kohler that are in peak operating condition and ready to perform at your venue. Our generators range in capacity from 35kW to 2500kW to meet any power generation requirement. We can also provide units for special applications.

Affordable Backup Power for Amusement Park Owners and Operators

Because you’ll need to use backup generators only occasionally, it doesn’t make good financial sense to buy brand new equipment. You can purchase high-quality equipment from Woodstock Power at up to 70% off the original price. We also have access to an extensive nationwide network of installers who can set up your generators quickly and affordably. We can even help you find qualified experts who can deliver cost-effect support services such as site power consumption planning, equipment repairs and generator maintenance.

Fast Delivery of Theme Park Emergency Generators to Your Site

We also understand the importance of getting your generators to you as quickly as possible, especially during the peak amusement park season. We keep equipment at convenient holding locations throughout the U.S. to ensure fast delivery. You can also order generators from us with no lead time, which prevents costly delays.

We Also Buy Used Generators

Do you have high-functioning theme park generators that you’re looking to sell? We’ll buy your equipment at a higher price than any of our competitors. We pay 100% upfront, and we’ll even dispatch a truck to your facility to pick up the unit, which will save you the cost and hassle of shipping it.

Browse Our Inventory of Backup Generators for Amusement Parks

Take a moment to review our current selection of top-notch used theme park generators for sale. You can also give us a call at 610-658-3242 or contact us online for additional product information and a no-obligation quote.

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