Generator Emission Upgrades


The rules governing industrial-power generator emissions are constantly evolving. The current set of EPA compliance standards, Tier 4, strictly limits the allowable amount of the following emissions:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Diesel particulate matter
  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx)

Failure to meet these tight standards can result in fines or a full shutdown of your offending generators, which can be a major issue for many businesses, industries and installations. Here at Woodstock Power, we can help solve the problems with your diesel generator emissions by upgrading your emissions systems. Not only will you be compliant with regulatory standards, but you will also be running a cleaner installation that reduces the impact of your generator on the environment, which benefits everyone.

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If your equipment is otherwise working properly and meeting your power-generation needs, you don’t want to incur the cost and disruption of replacing it with a newer, cleaner unit. Instead, our team of experts can upgrade your power generator with a high-performance diesel oxidation catalyst. These systems require no specific maintenance apart from the regular maintenance you perform on the generator itself.

We have installed our DOX emissions upgrade on hundreds of diesel generators across the country, and we’ve saved our clients a lot of money on the cost of removing their old generators and installing new ones.

A Guaranteed Solution

To make it easier to reduce the emissions of your diesel generators, our team here at Woodstock Power provides turnkey emissions-upgrade solutions. We use a methodical, three-step approach to ensure we’re offering you the right upgrade at the right price:

  1. We inspect your generator and installation and determine which upgrades are necessary, including our DOX emissions reduction system.
  2. We take care of installation and all required modifications to minimize downtime and ensure your generator runs efficiently.
  3. We perform an exit test once we have finished installing your emissions upgrade to ensure you are Tier-4 compliant.

If you require backup power during the upgrade, we can provide low-cost generator and backup power equipment rentals to keep your facility running. Our team can also inspect your other power-generation installations and propose upgrades or replacement generators. Having the right primary or backup power-generation equipment can make a huge difference in how you operate, so don’t settle for old, outdated, inefficient equipment.

Contact Us for a Free Inspection

If you suspect your diesel generator isn’t meeting emissions standards, or you simply want to reduce your emissions to lower your environmental footprint, contact Woodstock Power today. Our trained technicians will come and test your installation to create a quote for necessary emissions upgrades.

We’re proud of our reputation as a leader in industrial generator upgrades, so let us save you money by installing our high-performance, low-maintenance DOX system that will help you get many more hours out of your existing generator. If your generator can’t be upgraded to emission compliance, we can propose a low-cost used replacement to get you back up and running quickly.

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