Used MTU Generators for Sale

Having the right generator as a primary or backup power source can make all the difference in an industrial setting. There are many situations where a generator is required to power your equipment or facility:

  • As a reliable main power source
  • As an emergency backup in case of a power outage
  • To isolate a certain machine or system from the main grid
  • To supply uninterruptible power to a critical data center or other systems
  • As a way to control and lower energy costs
  • At a remote site or temporary location off the main grid

Whatever your power needs, our team here at Woodstock Power has the affordable used MTU generator you’re looking for. MTU is a proven brand that builds top-quality generators in a variety of sizes and types. Your industrial power needs require a reliable and economical choice, so check out our lineup of MTU generators and choose the model that suits your application.

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Finding an MTU Generator That Suits Your Needs

You have two main choices when it comes time to select your MTU generator: diesel or natural gas. Both types carry their own advantages and are best suited to different applications:

  • A used MTU diesel generator offers excellent fuel economy, since diesel is an energy-dense fuel that delivers lots of power per unit. The modern diesel engines in our used MTU generators are reliable and require less maintenance than many other types of generators.
  • A used MTU natural gas generator does not emit pungent odors, making them suitable for use in many locations (providing adequate exhausting for emissions is installed). Natural gas generators also emit fewer greenhouse gasses, which is a big plus for many businesses.

You may have experience with one type of generator or the other and are looking to replace your old unit with a similar type. Or maybe you are investigating the purchase of a generator for the first time. In both cases, our Woodstock Power team can help you select the right model. With our experience, we can help you find the affordable used MTU generator that saves you money and delivers ample power and peace of mind.

Benefits of Choosing a Used Generator

Power and generator costs can be a significant expense for many buildings, facilities and installations. Our used MTU industrial generators can save you up to 70% off the cost of a new generator. That lower investment means you can upgrade and replace your old generators sooner and provide reliable primary or backup power for all of your equipment and systems.

Start by browsing our catalog of quality refurbished MTU generators and request a quote for the models that suit your power needs. You can also contact our team and get more information on our various MTU diesel and natural gas generators. We stock our used generators at multiple locations across the country so we can get them to you quickly. Buy a used MTU generator today and start benefitting from a low-cost power solution for your industrial application.


A fast and easy way to learn more about our used MTU equipment inventory is by reviewing our current inventory online. You can also contact us by phone or email for additional product and pricing information.


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