Backup Generators for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Power outages are disruptive for any business or producer. In the pharmaceutical industry, a power loss can pose even more risks. Pharmacies and drug manufacturers deal in sensitive products and face unique safety and security challenges.

If you operate in the pharmaceutical industry, an outage can be detrimental to your inventory and damage your bottom line. Our used diesel and natural gas generators provide a reliable and cost-effective solution you can use to power all your essential systems.

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The Importance of Backup Power for Pharmacies and Drug Manufacturers

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world’s most advanced fields. Companies in this sector rely on a wide range of technology, equipment and software to produce various drugs and distribute them to the public. Power is necessary to ensure continued production, connect people with the medicines they need and provide the precision climate controls required to maintain drug integrity. There are multiple reasons to consider using backup generators in your pharmaceutical applications.


Power disruptions can interfere with the delicate processes involved in producing complex pharmaceuticals. An outage can cause errors in synthesis and processing that can ruin an entire production run, leading to significant losses in time, labor and materials spent manufacturing replacements.


A power outage can also knock out the equipment used in temperature control. Many drugs, like vaccines and insulin, require cold storage to retain their usefulness and potency. If they’re exposed to temperatures warm enough, it can render a whole batch loss.


Providing adequate ventilation is essential in pharmaceutical production to maintain cleanroom sterility and ensure adequate airflow through non-manufacturing areas. Without it, the temperature, humidity or contaminant levels can exceed tolerance levels, damaging batch quality and distribution.


Whether you’re in production or distribution, you need to keep several background processes running if there’s an outage for any duration. This includes keeping your computers, servers and lab equipment on, ensuring continued business services like elevators and automatic doors can function and keeping fire and security alarm systems online.

Used Commercial Generators for Pharmacies and Drug Manufacturers

At Woodstock Power Company, we make it easy to get the backup power you need for your business. We have a massive selection of used generators for sale, including options fueled by diesel and natural gas. Our inventory features selections from multiple brands available at prices up to 70% less than the cost of buying new.

Our backup generators for drug manufacturers and pharmacies are all tested to ensure they arrive ready for use and deliver optimal performance. The experts on our team can match you with the appropriate model to fit your needs and budget. We can also help you put together a turnkey solution complete with professional installation.

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If you manufacture, store or distribute vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, talk to our team about setting up a reliable and cost-effective power source for your facility. We have the skill, expertise and selection to provide you with a simple and affordable solution that matches all your requirements. We also buy used generators and pay top dollar for commercial systems — and we handle all the logistics.

Contact us today to request a quote on a used system or talk about selling one of yours. You can also reach us at 610-658-3242.

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