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Generator Decommissioning Services

Disposing of a used generator isn’t as simple as disposing of many other pieces of equipment. Due to the multiple health, safety and environmental issues related to generator disposal, it’s important to follow proper decommissioning procedures.

Here at Woodstock Power, we have decades of experience selling, buying, inspecting and servicing all generator brands, models and technologies and are equipped to decommission and remove your used generator.

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Starting With an Inspection

The first step in our generator decommissioning and removal service is inspecting your generator to determine the best course of action. In some cases, we can buy your old functioning generator and give you top dollar for it. If your generator is at the end of its useful life, we proceed with a safe and methodical decommissioning. This includes many important steps such as:

  • Assessing the state and condition of your generator room
  • Inspecting all electrical lines, transfer switches, fuse panels and wiring details
  • Determining how to handle all fuel tank emptying and removal
  • Analyzing all related HVAC, UPS, safety and other installations
  • Calculating equipment weight and size for physical removal
  • Planning the necessary handling and transportation equipment

We always take the time to fully understand the steps needed to safely and efficiently remove your used power equipment. Full decommissioning includes making sure all energy sources related to your power equipment and your facility are neutralized. We also ensure all fluids and fuels are carefully handled and disposed of, to avoid contamination of your building or site.

Establishing a Plan

Before we start, we always create a detailed plan of how we will decommission and remove your equipment. We know that any unplanned downtime is costly to your business, facility or data center, so we always account for all eventualities and make sure we stick to a schedule. Once your power generator is decommissioned, we remove it from its location and dispose of it in a way that is safe and environmentally friendly. We have relationships with decommissioning and recycling experts across the country and will call on them to ensure your generator is disposed of according to all local and federal regulations and guidelines.

I had the pleasure of working with Woodstock Power and was impressed with their expertise and professionalism. The service I received was exceptional. I would highly recommend using Woodstock Power services.

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At Woodstock Power, we feel that communication is key in all decommissioning projects. We’ll ensure your local maintenance and electrical departments are involved as we determine how to dispose of your old generator. Contact our team today for more information and to tell us about your generator, its current condition and the location where it is installed. Together we’ll plan the best course of action and do what we can to remove your generator safely and quickly so that you can install a new one and get back to work. When you trust Woodstock Power to decommission and dispose of your old power generation equipment, you’re benefiting from our years of experience, so come and find out how we’ve become a national leader in power generator decommissioning services.

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