U.S. Power Grid Problems on the Rise

From hackers to severe weather and storms, U.S. power grid problems may be more abundant than you realize. In fact, the United States experiences more power outages than any other developed nation, with statistics showing the number of power outages rising annually. There are lots of factors contributing to the rise of power grid problems across the country, increasing corporate and industrial need for backup power. Without a consistent, fail-proof source of power, many businesses face damaging downtime when mission-critical functions cannot continue. The installation of backup generators for redundancy and smarter set ups like generator paralleling add protection and can save businesses lots of money in the long run.

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U.S. Power Grid Problems & Backup Power

With the rise of U.S. power grid problems, backup power becomes more necessary for the success of all kinds of businesses. Types of problems that cause issues for power grids across the country include:

  • Power Grid Attacks: Security firm Symantec has confirmed that at several U.S. power firms, hackers were able to gain “control of the interfaces power company engineers use to send actual commands to equipment like circuit breakers, giving them the ability to stop the flow of electricity into US homes and businesses.” The rise of hackers and the ability of these hackers to disrupt power by gaining access to power grids is threatening to the stability of power for businesses.
  • Failing Infrastructure: As aging equipment becomes unreliable and in need of renovations and replacements, power outages become more commonplace. Despite a growth in renewable power sources, “our aging electrical grid isn’t capable of integrating them into our energy use, so much potential power is wasted” (NPR).
  • Natural Disasters & Severe Weather: Various natural occurrences like severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and more can seriously disrupt the power grid. Paired with aging infrastructure, harsh weather can cause serious downtime for those dependent on the power grid for electricity.

Despite the rise of problems with the power grid that can cause companies to lose power, there are steps that can be taken to prevent any significant downtime. For instance, the installation of a backup power generator will keep operations running despite failure of external power supplies. Having a backup generator on hand in case of emergencies adds a much needed level of security to facilities. Regular maintenance of electrical equipment is also a must to keep backup units in prime condition.

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