How Diesel Generators Make Microgrids Reliable

For many communities, towns, and other areas and departments that rely on power, the inclusion of a microgrid is a smart choice. Microgrids are relatively small setups of power generation, often including a renewable power source such as wind turbines or solar panels. These days, with superstorms and other unforeseen incidents occurring more and more frequently, countless homes and businesses are left in the dark during periods of blackouts. In fact, instances of blackouts have doubled over the last decade, increasing the need for microgrids as alternate sources of power.

Microgrids help protects against power loss by providing an alternate source of power in case of emergencies or other situations that cause power outages. Diesel generators help to make microgrids reliable by providing a steady source of power generation for emergency situations. While certain renewable power sources may rely on uncontrollable factors (wind for turbines and sunlight for solar panels), diesel generators are capable of producing power internally.

Benefits of Choosing a Used Diesel Generator for Microgrid Protection

Diesel generators are the backbone of microgrid operations, ensuring the efficiency of the microgrid by providing a steady source of power in times of need. Purchasing a diesel generator doesn’t need to be a huge investment; consider used diesel generators for great benefits including:

  • Affordability: Choosing a used generator for inclusion in a microgrid cuts on costs while still ensuring a reliable component. Woodstock’s inventory of gently used diesel generators come with upwards of 70% savings.
  • Fuel Advantages: As far as fuel types go, diesel has much to offer. Generators fueled by diesel tend to be less expensive than natural gas models. Diesel is also one of the least flammable fossil fuels, making for a safer unit.
  • Reliability: As the key piece to a successful microgrid, you’ll want to ensure the unit you purchase is as reliable as they come. Used generators from Woodstock Power Company are guaranteed to have stood up to critical examination by trusted experts. Our units meet our high standards in order to provide the best equipment to our loyal customers.

Remember to take proper care of your microgrid’s diesel generator to ensure maximum efficiency in times when power is needed.

Microgrid Essentials – Woodstock Provides the Best in Used Diesel Generator Sales

Woodstock Power Company provides the best in used generator sales. Our diesel generators are guaranteed to function like new, providing a reliable and affordable essential component for microgrids. You may reach our customer service staff via phone or email at any time of the day for your convenience; we’re available to help answer any questions you may have, like which unit is best for your needs or how to read spec sheets.┬áRest assured that your microgrid is as reliable as possible with the inclusion of one of Woodstock’s used diesel generators.

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