Generators for Municipalities

Municipal governments are responsible for providing the infrastructure and many of the facilities and services that play a critical role in our everyday lives. The ability to consistently provide for citizens in many capacities is contingent on having reliable sources of primary and backup power.

We depend on electricity for everything from the flow of clean water to our bathroom and kitchen taps to the lights and signals that help us see the road and stay safe at night. The loss of power is not only an inconvenience that disrupts productivity, but also a significant concern to public safety.

There are several ways for municipalities to power facilities, utilities, and operations as needed or in the case of an emergency. But primary and backup generators for cities are often the most efficient and effective alternative energy solution.

The Need for Municipality Backup Power

When you think about it, it’s easy to come up with nearly endless reasons why municipalities need backup generators. If a city experiences a major storm or is impacted by any other type of event that causes a blackout or damages the power grid and there isn’t access to an emergency power source, you can be literally leaving an entire population in the dark. People pay their taxes and expect their local governments to prepare for every possibility.

Municipal functions and services that typically require backup power generators include:

  • Public facilities such as town halls, courthouses, police and fire stations, schools, libraries, and other buildings that provide essential services
  • City projects ranging from construction of facilities, road building and repair, parkland development and additional public works
  • Utilities, including power generation and natural gas supply
  • Public transportation such as passenger trains, light and rapid transit, trolleybuses and trams
  • Water supply where clean drinking water is treated and distributed to the public
  • Water treatment for processing waste and sewage water
  • Local healthcare facilities, including state and municipal hospitals, urgent care, clinics and medical offices

The Rising Need for Emergency Preparedness

In recent years, we have seen a rise in incidents, both natural and man-made causes, across the United States and the world, resulting in local and widespread power outages and lasting damage to infrastructure. An overarching function of municipal government is to maintain safe and comfortable living conditions for its citizens. An investment in municipality backup power is becoming an increasingly critical part of any public readiness plan.

From devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, and flood rains to gas explosions, fires, and hostile events, emergency backup generators can play a significant role in serving the public by powering:

  • Lights and equipment for first responders
  • Municipal facilities and emergency shelters
  • Emergency response command centers
  • Water pumps and fire hoses
  • Temporary light towers and auxiliary equipment

The Need for a Disaster Recovery Plan

While you can’t always avoid a disaster, creating a disaster recovery plan before a natural or man-made emergency hits can minimize potential damage and help people in the community stay safe. A thorough disaster recovery plan should detail actions for your municipality to take before, during and after a disaster. Generally, you should look at these areas:

  • Communication: Create a plan that shows how everyone will stay in touch. For instance, the Red Cross’ hurricane safety app is a great way for individuals to mark themselves safe.
  • Evacuation: Your municipality should have a strong evacuation plan that includes safe exits and alternative routes.
  • Shelter: Include information on the nearest shelter so that individuals know where to go to stay safe and meet up with family, friends and pets.
  • Preventive maintenance: Make sure you bring everything outside your municipality’s office inside. You should also board up windows in the case of strong winds.
  • Restoration: When planning out power restoration, be sure to determine key services & buildings that should take priority, such as hospitals, treatment centers, etc.

Backup generators for cities can also help you keep power going throughout a disaster. For example, Woodstock Power sent dozens of generators to Puerto Rico to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Investing in a backup power source for your municipality can help with cleanup efforts and restoring your city.

Backup Generators and Power Solutions for Cities

Every community has different primary and standby power needs. That’s why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t make sense when choosing generators for municipalities. With a variety of options in generator sets, enclosures, and accessories available, it’s wise to take a tailored approach in configuring the components of backup power systems.

Consider the different types of generators for cities:

  • Diesel Generators: Extremely fuel-efficient and durable, diesel generators come in handy at many locations and job sites. Quality units provide reliable performance, reduced maintenance costs, and less risk of ignition for safe operation. Models range from lightweight and portable units ideal for construction and emergency response to heavy-duty gensets capable of powering more robust applications.
  • Natural Gas Generators: Clean-running natural gas generators are a smart choice for ensuring emissions compliance in indoor and outdoor environments. Because they are configurable with the fuel delivered via pipeline, municipalities can keep power going at buildings and facilities in the event of an electrical outage. Gas primary and emergency generators are available in a broad range of sizes. High-quality models deliver safe and efficient operation with minimal upkeep requirements.
  • Mobile Generator Sets: From gensets you can carry in your hands to trailer-mounted units, mobile generators can go wherever your work takes you. Portable models are available in gas, diesel, or hybrid, and feature self-contained fuel sources for optimal mobility at remote job sites or emergency scenes, such as evacuating people from a flood zone.
  • Additional Power Equipment for Municipalities: Depending on the type of application or regulatory requirements, other equipment may be required to maintain power to systems and facilities. Switchgear is an electrical distribution system used to provide and manage power to generators for increased reliability and to protect components. Automatic transfer switches transfer power safely and efficiently between utility and generator, and are required with standby emergency generators.

Microgrid Use in Powering Municipalities

A trend in local power distribution shows some municipalities moving away from relying on a single, central energy source to community-owned and operated microgrid solutions. A microgrid is where a small network of electricity users such as a town or municipality — including homes, businesses, and government buildings — connect to a centralized national power grid, but are still able to function independently. When the main power grid goes down, microgrids are able to support municipal operations, as well as provide power to the members of the local community.

Typically running on a combination of renewable energies such as solar and wind with a diesel or natural gas generator at its core, microgrids are helping to solve environmental problems by significantly reducing carbon emissions and maximizing fuel economy, while powering local communities when needed. You can read more about microgrids for your community.

Purchasing Backup Generators for Cities

If you’re looking for a reliable source of generators for municipalities, Woodstock Power has you covered. We operate nationwide and can handle projects of any size or complexity. Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to deliver solutions that completely solve your problem. From our extensive inventory of top-quality generators to fast and accurate turnaround on orders and full-service delivery, installation, and maintenance services, we’re a one-stop resource for municipality backup power and more.

Contact us for more information and to speak with a live representative about backup generators for your city today.

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