Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption: How Does It Compare to Other Generators?

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption

If you own a business, you’re always looking for most cost-effective solutions. It is no different when it comes to generators for your business or home. Which fuel type is the cheapest in initial cost? Which is cheapest in the long run? This blog will specifically examine diesel generator fuel consumption and compare it to other fuel types.

Fuel Consumption:  General Information

Generators can use gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas as fuel sources. Each of these come with their own pros and cons in terms of cost, quality, and cleanest burning. While we can generalize about these fuel types and their consumption, variables like brand, climate, load, and condition of the generator can impact fuel consumption. Regardless, consider this a helpful guide.

Comparison Chart

Fuel Type Propane Gas Diesel
Best Trait Cleanest Most Convenient Most Powerful
Consumption 3.44 GPH 0.75 GPH 2.9 GPH
Cost $$$ $$$ $$$$

As you can see from the above chart, propane is the cleanest, gas is the most convenient fuel source and most widely used, but diesel is the most powerful. Diesel may be the most expensive, and may not be as efficient as gas, but it can handle greater loads.

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Pros

First, consider this list of some of the pros of diesel generators…

  • Less flammable than other fuel sources
  • Less expensive to operate
  • Can handle larger loads than any other fuel source

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Cons

Now, in order to have a more well-rounded idea of diesel generator fuel consumption, consider this list of cons…

  • Higher initial cost than other fuel sources
  • Not the most efficient if used for smaller loads
  • Fewer choices for generators


Finally, if you are looking for an extremely reliable fuel source to handle large loads for applications such as job sites, emergency backup generators, pusher RVs, or larger office buildings, then a diesel generator is your best bet. If, however, you’re looking for a generator to power your home, single office space, or temporary camp site, other fuel sources may be the wiser choice.

Either way, if you would like more personal advice from a competent expert, contact us at Woodstock Power and we’d be happy to help!

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