Benefits of Stationary vs Rental Generators

While rental generators provide portability, durability, and versatility to businesses and operations for temporary power when facing power outages, emergencies, or natural disasters, there are also many benefits to buying a stationary generator.

So what are the benefits of buying a stationary generator vs using a rental generator?


Stationary standby generators are significantly cheaper in the long run. If your business or operations is using a rental generator for a prolonged period of time or required to constantly extend the rental period, those costs can add up. While the costs may not compare to the cost of a brand new commercial generator, they can have a significant impact on your profits and spend.

A great alternative to purchasing a new commercial generator or using a commercial rental generator is to buy a used commercial generator. Used generators are a great choice, because they average around 40 – 50% less in comparison to the cost of a new generator. Depending on the needs, duration, and terms of a rental generator, buying a used generator may even end up being cheaper than the rental unit.

If your power needs are temporary and short-term, specifically for a small project or for a brief power outage, then portable generators may be a cost-effective alternative to your power generation needs. Portable rental generators will generally cost less, because you are only paying a rental fee and will not have to worry about the associated installation costs of a generator (for example concrete foundation pad), service, and maintenance. The only out of pocket costs you may incur in regards to the rental is the transportation fee, the fuel costs, and cost to hire a master electrician to help configure the generator to fit your needs.


Installing a stationary commercial generator in your business or operations location provides security where a portable rental generator does not. Stationary generators can be installed with a larger fuel tank that can provide more power over a longer period of time when compared to portable rental generators. In order to increase the fuel capacity in a rental generator, a fuel cube (also known as a day tank) must be placed near the rental generator.

A benefit to portable rental generators is simple. You are not generally on the hook for any service & maintenance of the generator, but only for the rental itself, fuel costs, and any repairs if you happen to cause damage to the generator. Portable rental generators are designed to be short-term, temporary solutions that you can leverage only when needed, so the longevity of the portable generator generally should not concern you.

That being said, commercial generators on a whole are designed and built to be sturdy, robust, long-term backup power solutions and are manufactured to last for many years. If the generator is seldom used, but well serviced & maintained on a regular basis, the life expectancy of a generator could well exceed 10 or 20 years.


While the term “portable” in most rental generators is most commonly used, that term in and of itself is deceiving. While it is true that the rental generator may be portable, it is not a simple process such as transporting the generator to a location and turning it on. Each and every time you want to set up a portable rental generator, you would need to have an electrical contractor go to the worksite and attach cables correctly, complete the proper setup, and make sure all the settings are in order before being able to power on and use the rental unit.

This can be problematic, especially if your worksite, location, business, or operations is in a state of emergency, as it may be difficult to bring an electrical contractor on-site to complete the task of cabling when you need them.

In addition, a rental generator must also consist of the following:

  • Voltage Selector Switch
  • Chassis for ease of transportation

The Takeaway

There is no “one-size fits all” to commercial generators for business facilities and operations. While some businesses like data centers, medical facilities, and water treatment facilities may require a stationary generator installed on-site for long-term backup power, the same may not apply to construction and demolition companies who would be able to benefit from short-term, temporary power like a rental.

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