What are the Benefits of Having a Natural Gas Emergency Generator?

natural gas emergency generator

Storm after storm after storm. It seems as though that is all you hear on the weather report these days, right? Will your business ever get a break? Every new storm is a threat to the dependability and service you offer to your customers; every new storm is a threat to your business! But don’t worry. A natural gas emergency generator can help prepare you for anything that comes your way! Here are some of the benefits of having a natural gas emergency generator…


Every business wants their customers to rest assured that the goods and services you provide them are reliable and trustworthy. Thankfully, a natural gas emergency generator provides that same reliability and trustworthiness to you. Here are some features of a natural gas emergency generator that exemplifies reliability:

  • Connected to your home or business’ natural gas lines so they’re built to detect an outage in seconds
  • Natural gas lines are buried underground so they’re not as vulnerable to service interruptions
  • Able to provide power 24/7


Now, you might be thinking that you’re going to have to conduct all sorts of tests regularly to ensure your generator works properly, or that your natural gas emergency generator will require constant attention during a storm. Not so! Consider these traits of convenience for a natural gas emergency generator:

  • Most natural gas emergency generators automatically test themselves to ensure peak performance.
  • When the power goes out, the control system in the generator automatically senses the loss of power and signals the generator to start.
  • When the power returns, most natural gas emergency generators automatically shut down.


Of course, to ensure your personal safety, not to mention the peek reliability and performance of your natural gas emergency generator, use only expert and professionally trained natural gas generator dealers for the installation. Nevertheless, here are some common safety features with a natural gas emergency generator:

  • Once the generator starts after detecting loss of power, the automatic transfer switch safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens a new power line from the generator.
  • When power returns, the system transfers the electrical load back to the utility line and your generator’s engine continues to run to safely cool down.

Where can I buy a natural gas emergency generator?

Contact Woodstock Power today if you need any assistance or if you’re interested in purchasing a natural gas emergency generator for your home or business. A qualified member of our friendly staff would be happy to help!

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