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If you lived in the Northeast in the Fall of 2012, it’s likely Hurricane Sandy strongly affected your daily routine for a few days in late October. Sandy made landfall against Southern New Jersey, and among the many areas in New Jersey and New York which were impacted, the island of Manhattan was particularly devastated by the storm.

You’re about to read the effects of the hurricane on two different data centers. If your business operation involves a data center, however, and you’re actively looking for where to buy data center equipment, bear in mind as you read how important it is to be prepared for a power crisis.

Woodstock Power, a Philadelphia-based company which sells data center equipment, also understands the need to protect your data center against power loss. There is no need to look any further for where to buy data center equipment, because Woodstock Power has the dependable equipment you need to weather the storm. We will save the day for you, just like reliable used data center generators saved the company you’ll see below.

This Owner Knew Where to Buy Data Center Equipment

The evening of October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy collided with the Atlantic coast, and large swatches of Manhattan immediately found themselves underwater. A number of data centers were in trouble by the next morning, as blackouts and flooding covered the city. After the storm surge, Datagram, provider for such websites as Huffington Post and Gawker, was knocked offline by a lack of power after the floodwaters damaged the fuel pump for their backup generator.

Peer1, however, data center for the company Squarespace, powered through the storm, as this Huffington Post article describes. After main power was lost, the employees discovered their operation depended upon the only remaining generator located on a floor above the water. Volunteers formed a “fuel chain” to cart diesel up the 31 floors to the backup generator they had wisely purchased and placed in a safe location. They were one of the few major data centers never to lose power in the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy.

Do You Know Where to Buy Data Center Equipment?

Ideally, that story was enough to make you realize the importance of being prepared like Peer1 was prepared. You, however, might be even more fortunate: Woodstock Power not only offers reliable data center equipment, but we offer tested and guaranteed used generators at a fraction of the cost of new machines. We focus on the customer’s experience above all else, and will go above and beyond to meet all of your needs.

Contact us to learn the other ways Woodstock Power can help your data center be prepared for the threat of power loss. If Hurricane Sandy taught the industry anything, it’s the importance of backup generators and knowing where to buy data center equipment that is both reliable and affordable. Is there a better reason to forge your relationship with Woodstock Power Company?

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