What Are Common Mission-Critical Applications?

Businesses and operations that rely on the completion of certain functions for success are relying on mission-critical applications. Though it may sound complex, mission-critical applications aren’t necessarily overly-complicated and in fact many are quite common.

Luckily, there are options for the protection of mission-critical applications, such as adding a redundant power supply. Backing up a main power source is a great way to make sure that mission-critical applications that rely on a steady source of power can continue uninterrupted.

Common Mission-Critical Applications

Most businesses and other similar operations that rely on technology in any form for profit probably rely on mission-critical applications. These functions happen all around you on a daily basis. Examples of common mission-critical applications include:

  • Computer Processing: Countless numbers of businesses rely on a variety of computer processes. For example, online banking companies rely on computer systems to be up and running for customers to access their accounts. Retailers also rely on computers to process credit and debit cards, for scheduling purposes, and many other uses.
  • Kitchen Functions: For restaurants (from fast food to fine dining) and bakeries, common kitchen appliances and functions are mission-critical. Businesses that rely on the ability to cook and produce food by use of ovens, stoves and other kitchen appliances need uninterrupted power and/or gas access to run essential appliances.
  • Electric Power Systems: Many essential functions that businesses rely on depend on electricity in some form or another. For example, heating and cooling air systems and even lighting may be vital for the success of a business. Many operations wouldn’t  be able to stay open to the public during extreme temperatures or without any lighting available. Businesses may also rely on security systems as well as cash registers for payment, both of which tend to be powered by electricity. Even escalators and elevators that allow for accessibility can be a huge hindrance to companies during times of power loss.

There are nearly endless mission-critical applications that go on around you constantly that are so common you probably don’t stop to think about how crucial they are to the success of various businesses.

Woodstock Power Company for Reliable Power

When you rely on mission-critical applications for the success of your company, access to a non-stop power supply is crucial. Consider adding an element of redundancy to your power supply with a backup power generator, or even onsite power generation.

To discuss power solutions that can help ensure your mission-critical applications never fail, speak to a member of our staff (610-658-3242). Or, if you’d prefer, email our sales team at sales@woodstockpower.com. With the help of Woodstock Power Company, your business’s functions will run uninterrupted, resulting in peace of mind.

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