Generator Wet Stacking: Designing Facilities to Prevent It

When designing facilities to house generators, you’ll want to think about ways to prevent wet stacking. This will improve efficiency of your generators and increase the lifespan of the units. For those who are looking for an introduction to generator wet stacking, Woodstock is here to help!

Wet stacking is when diesel engines’ exhaust pipes (also called stacks) drip a dark, thick substance. The engine is said to be wet stacking when its stacks excrete this substance. The term also is used when describing a generator that has excess fuel delivered to its cylinders and isn’t able to use all of the fuel efficiently. Luckily, facilities can be designed to prevent wet stacking, keeping operations running as efficiently and waste-free as possible.

Generator Wet Stacking Prevention

Over time, wet stacking can have a seriously negative impact on a generator, causing it to lose efficiency. Therefore, when designing facilities that will contain generators, steps should be taken to prevent wet stacking. The following steps should be taken into account when designing facilities that will house generators:

  • Temperature Monitoring: Relatively inexpensive, exhaust temperature monitoring is a way to keep track of and record generators’ exhaust temperatures. Installation of monitoring equipment is an easy element to include in facility design.
  • Load Bank Testing: Design your facility to include provisions for load bank testing. New installations should also include components for automatic disconnection in case utility power fails.
  • Use Smaller Generator Units in Parallel: With the use of paralleling generators, the flexibility and reliability of a facility’s operations increase. Paralleling smaller generators can be more efficient, as all units don’t need to run at times when less power is required.

In addition to these precautions, it may be beneficial to speak to a professional for more tips and advice. Woodstock’s customer service staff is available 24/7 to discuss facility design and other questions and concerns you may have about generator room design.

Trust Woodstock for Generator Wet Stacking Help

Woodstock Power Company is a trusted source of advice and help for generator-related issues and concerns. Our customer service staff is always available to discuss generator sales and related topics. Our inventory of used, refurbished generators includes only the highest quality units. With options such as buying, selling, and rental of used generators, Woodstock is a one-stop shop for all of your power generation needs.

For tips and advice on designing facilities to prevent wet stacking as well as quality generators that are up-to-date and efficient, count on Woodstock!

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