Generator Highlight: Generac Cube+ Portable Generator Light Tower

When it comes to providing power in remote applications without access to the main power grid such as construction sites, events, festivals, and disaster recovery, portable generators are often the most commonly used solutions available on the market. While these portable generators are generally towable and are designed to move around place to place, there is also subset of sorts when it comes to portable generators and those are portable generator light towers. Portable generator light towers are usually mobile, light industrial equipment and have adjustable masts that can be raised or lowered with either high-intensity lamps or LED lighting systems.

Many times, these light towers are used for applications where a light source isn’t readily available in dark, night-time conditions such as in fields, highways, or new construction sites. Most of these units also have external connections to power small equipment if the situation calls for it, which makes these units an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

While there are many different types and form factors for portable generator light towers, we wanted to highlight one specific model line that we have in stock, which is the 2.9 kW Generac CUBE+ (SLT-D CUBEHYPRK2CW) portable diesel generator light tower.

One of the standout points of this light tower that immediately drew our attention was how quiet the generator operated when running at full capacity. This is largely due to the sound-attenuated enclosure that helps keep the noise pollution to a minimum. Another large draw about these light towers is that it is completely electronically operated. There is no need to crank the mast up and down by hand thanks to the hydraulic mast and the lighting system is comprised of 4 LEDs to provide greater luminance. Additional features such as dawn to dusk sensors, timers, panels, and injections are all electronically operated, which enhances the ease of use and operation for these units. These light towers also come equipped with a cold weather kit to keep these units operating in cold weather conditions and protect them from the elements, even in the most brutal conditions. Being electronically controlled also comes with additional benefits. Unlike some other portable generator light towers that operate with all lights on at a time, users have the option to turn on however many lights they need at the time. This could be 1 LED operation all the way to utilizing the full 4 LED lights.

One item to note – these portable generator light towers are not like your atypical portable generator light towers in the fact that they are not trailer mounted but are skid-mounted with forklift pockets on all sides so that it is still able to be moved from location to location on site as needed. These units are great for applications that require temporary lighting for longer periods of time and with a 64.4-gallon diesel base tank on-board, it’s possible to keep these units fueled up for periods of extended use.

When it comes to servicing generators in smaller form factors, one challenge usually experienced is that all the parts and components are packed together in tight spaces and difficult to work around. A feature we really enjoyed with this unit is that all the panels open to allow for easy access to almost everything inside the generator.

And most importantly, albeit an obvious point – these light towers still act as a generator, which includes 20 amp and 15 amp connections and can be paralleled to connect multiple generators together to provide more power.

While there were some initial reservations about these portable generator light towers, they quickly won us (and our customers) over. Looking for a little more? Check out our video above to get an in-depth look or head over to our inventory to check them out!

If you’re looking for a portable generator light tower for an event, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, new construction, or any type of project where you’ll need ample lighting for your work site, reach out to us at Woodstock Power Company! We have plenty of these units in stock, as well as other similar options available.

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