Backup Diesel Generator: Used Commercial Generators

Invest in a commercial backup diesel generator to add a sense of security to your business. By opting for a used generator like those supplied by Woodstock Power Company, you can ensure mission-critical and business-critical functions never cease. Protect against power loss due to emergencies, severe weather and other unforeseen instances that can cause outages by purchasing a backup diesel generator today.

Once you’ve decided to invest in a backup generator for your business, the next steps are simple; Woodstock Power Company makes it easy to find the type of generator you’re looking for. Simply browse our inventory of available units, sorted by fuel type. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or aren’t sure where to begin, our helpful staff is always available to offer assistance.

Commercial Backup Diesel Generator

Why should you consider purchasing a used diesel generator for your source of commercial backup power? There are many ways used diesel generators can benefit a commercial business, including being:

  • Affordable: Opting for a used generator saves bundles on the initial cost of a unit. When you select one of Woodstock’s used generators, you’ll find discounts of up to 75% off the cost of a new product. Buying used makes backup power a reality for any business and any budget.
  • Efficient: Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than many other types. Generators that run on diesel also tend to have a longer lifespan as they run at lower temperatures than natural gas generators, making diesel-fueled units a great choice in the long run.
  • Safe: Generators powered by diesel fuel are safer to operate than other types, since diesel is less flammable than gas. Diesel generators don’t require spark plugs or much wiring, further reducing risk of fires and increasing safety for this type of unit.
  • Brand Selection: When you buy a used generator, you are not locked into choosing from a specific brand’s inventory selection. When dealing with a trusted used generator dealer, there are a whole range of different brands in different power configurations available to you.
  • Mod-ability: Used generators usually have more aftermarket parts available, as there has been more time for manufacturing companies to design and produce these parts. Some mods include better exhaust systems or controllers that will better suit specific needs.
  • Lead Time: Used generators generally have little to no lead time and are available for immediate shipping. When dealing with a new generator, there is a longer lead time needed, as new generators are generally made to order. When looking at the timeline, you can get a dependable used generator at a fraction of the cost and delivered to your facility in a week or less in comparison to waiting months to receive a brand new generator complete from manufacturer.

Used commercial diesel generators make for affordable backup power, protecting businesses from downtime and keeping operations running smoothly at all times. For help choosing the best generator for your needs, contact Woodstock Power Company. Our customer service staff is available at any time of the day to help with all of your power generation needs.

More information on how diesel generators function can be found here:

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Woodstock Power Company is a trusted name in backup diesel generator suppliers. For expert advice and trustworthy used generators, Woodstock is a top choice. We go beyond the basics to offer all of the services you need to accompany your used generator sale or rental, like shipping and installation. For more information or to discuss your specific power generator needs, contact us today!

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