Best Place to Sell a Generator: We’ll Remove & Ship

When it comes to selling a used generator, Woodstock Power Company is unbeatable in services. We are more than just a company to sell to; we go out of our way to provide all of the extra services that the buying and selling processes include, to make sure that every transaction, from beginning to end, is seamless, speedy & painless.

Woodstock’s Additional Services

What makes Woodstock Power the best place to sell a generator? All of the extra services we provide make every transaction as simple as possible. Our additional services include:

  • Generator Removal: Our team and professional partners have the tools and know-how to swiftly & smoothly remove your old unit, so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Shipping: Our shipping system extends throughout the United States and Canada; we send our own trucks to cut down time and effort, and keep the process easy for you, our consumers.
  • Decommissioning Data Centers & Gutting Large Industrial Facilities: Our network of experienced electric and mechanical contractors & decommissioning teams are ready to tackle any project you may have.
  • Generator Rental: Selling your generator before you’re able to replace it? Woodstock offers generator rental to affordably keep you powered between major purchases.

Our team is proud to be able to offer all of the services that we do; however, we recognize that sometimes a need will arise for a type of service that we don’t have the means to provide. When that is the case, we reach out to one of our trusted partner companies, putting our clients in touch with whatever extra services they may need. We go out of our way to make sure every need is met, whether we personally can provide it or not.

We also take pride in the quality of customer service that we provide, and guarantee 100% upfront payment with every transaction. Our prices are also highly competitive, so you can rest assured knowing that our offers are always fair. We think these qualities add merit to our claim of being the best place to sell a generator.

How to get Started Selling to Woodstock Today

We hope that you’ll consider selling your used generator to Woodstock. If our superb selling experience, including excellent customer service, upfront payment, and any extra services required throughout the transaction sound appealing to you, contact us anytime to start your selling process. We look forward to helping you sell your generator by offering any services required.

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