Backup Generators for Utility Failures

Power outages due to utility failures can negatively impact your business or facility by bringing operations to a halt. Power outages can range from seconds to days, especially during periods of power outages. Utility failures can occur at any time and for any reason, having a reliable backup power solution on-site can be a ensure that operations can continue running without a hitch.

What Can Cause a Utility Failure?

The cause of a utility failure can vary from geolocation, time of year, or can quite simply be due to an unexpected occurrence. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters
  • Routine/emergency utility service or maintenance
  • Winter weather

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters ranging from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, severe super storms, or even wildfires can either take out utilities or prompt utility companies to shut down utility services in order to prevent potentially dangerous situations. For example, earthquakes can prompt gas utility companies to shut off the natural gas pipeline in order to prevent fires or explosions from occurring or more recently, electrical utility companies in California are conducting planned power outages due to wildfires in order to mitigate the potential spread of wildfires & mitigating potential causes of outbreak.

Man Made Disasters

Man made disasters can range from an accident between a vehicle and a utility pole, a dump truck forgetting to reset their truck bed and driving through utility cables, service workers cutting the wrong line, there can be many reasons – all of which can cause unexpected utility failure.

Routine Utility Service

While some companies may pre-plan shutting off utilities due to natural disasters, such as wildfires. There are other instances where utility companies must cut off service, such as routine or scheduled service or maintenance. While these tasks are usually planned out and utility customers are notified ahead of time, it can still bring operations of your business or facility to a stop.

Winter Weather

Those who live in areas that experience cold weather and freezing climate have probably faced the worst that winter can bring. In some areas, temperatures can become so cold that water pipes burst and utility cables freeze. If the area experiences snow, heavy accumulations of snow can cause trees to fall, taking out power lines with them.

Generator Solutions

Having a backup generator on-site can be a lifesaver when it comes to utility failures. In these types of situations there are two main types of generators that can be leveraged, which are standby generators and portable generators. An overview of these types of generators can be found below:

Standby Generators

Installing a commercial or industrial grade backup generator on-site of your business or facility can help most businesses overcome these challenges when experiencing utility failure. A backup generator is connected directly to the facility’s electrical circuit, so the power delivery is generally self-contained without relying on the main power grid’s utility cables or poles.

Installing a backup generator can be a reliable solution, but it is not solution where you can simply buy a generator and plug it in.

If you’re interested in a backup generator for your business or facility, but looking for more information before making a purchase, more information can be found here: What Is a Standby Generator?

Portable Generators

Portable generators are mobile form factors of a commercial generator or industrial generator. Portable generators are great temporary or short-term solutions for those experiencing power outages. These generators are usually available with rental companies and dealers who specialize in generator rentals to help keep your business running until power from the main grid is restored.

A key benefit to portable generators is their mobility. Portable generators can be moved around from location to location around your facility or property as needed and can provide power to perform tasks, acting as your power source.

Keep in mind that leveraging these generators aren’t simply rent & plug in. Your facility must be properly prepared to ensure that this generator can be wired into the facility’s electrical circuit and easily removed when it’s no longer needed.

More information about portable generators and how they are viable short-term power solutions can be found here: Benefits of Portable Generators

If you’re looking to learn more about how a backup generator can help your business or facility through power outages, whether due to utility failure or other causes, please reach out to us at Woodstock Power Company!

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The Woodstock Power Company Experience

We buy used generators and we sell used generators. With your satisfaction in mind, we focus on providing the best possible experience when buying or selling a used generator.

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  • Peak & Average Power Requirements
  • Fuel Preference (Natural Gas or Diesel)
  • Portability & Stationary Power
  • Prime & Standby Generator Requirements
  • Available Space & Exhaust Restrictions

Our experts are also able to help coach you on prime, continuous, and standby power generators, as well as finding the best surplus, new, or used generator that best fits your required application.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or inquiries to learn more about the Woodstock Power Company experience and the quality level of products & services we provide.

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