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When it comes to owning and operating a food service establishment such as a restaurant or bar, a power outage can bring business to a halt. Having the capability to prepare and serve food and drinks is the bread and butter of a food establishment and a backup generator can ensure your day-to-day operations can continue running smoothly in the event of a power outage.

At Woodstock Power Company, we provide a variety of generators in various makes, models, and kW ratings in both diesel and natural gas configurations to help keep your restaurant running in the event of a power outage.

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Dinner is Served

When it comes to reputation, restaurants face some of the harshest critics whether it deals with food quality or service. In events like power outages, restaurants can face losses aside from reputation and customer complaints, there’s a chance to lose any stock that needs to be carefully frozen or refrigerated. Regardless of what caused a power outage, a backup generator can help keep restaurants up and running or at least up enough to prevent any losses due to food spoilage.

Considering power needs for a restaurant:

It’s important to list all of your high power-draw equipment. In most restaurants, this includes stoves, freezers, cold rooms, dishwashers, fridges and industrial cooking and food preparation appliances. You’ll also want to list all the other equipment that may need to be powered in case the primary power supply drops out, such as lights, heaters, POS equipment, etc.

Once a count of equipment is taken, we can help you calculate how much power you will need to back up your establishment. Our project managers have in-depth experience in working with restaurants to keep them up and running and can provide consultation to help you find the generator that best fits your needs.

If you currently do not have a backup power solution in place or looking to upgrade your currently existing backup power, then feel free to contact us at Woodstock Power Company.

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