Woodstock Power Company – August 2020 Boston, MA Project

Woodstock Power Company has recently purchased a 2 mW Cummins diesel generator located in Boston, MA and we were given the opportunity to be on-site to take footage of the removal process, which we wanted to share with you here.

The generator was purchased and removed from an office facility located on D Street up 10 stories, so Woodstock Power Company employed the services of a locally well-known professional crane and rigging service company to handle the job at hand.

The ground crew was on-site at 3 AM in the morning to begin assembling the crane and ensuring that all the safety measures were in place before the actual removal process began and the days prior to this removal project, our roof removal crew worked diligently to handle all disconnects and prepared the area to ensure that the generator removal process would be as seamless as possible and it enabled our teams to coordinate and get the generator rigged, lifted, and loaded onto the truck.

Due to the nature of size and weight associated with a commercial or industrial generator, decommissioning and removal projects can prove to be a difficult task. Commercial and industrial generators used for both commercial and industrial applications for backup power are more often than not large and heavy pieces of machinery and requires a heavily involved process to safety disconnect and remove the generator from the job site.

In certain situations like this, a generator may be removed from the roof of a building, which requires synergy and a lot of planning between both the ground crew and the roof crew to prevent any accidents or disasters from occurring with not only the equipment and machinery, but most importantly the crew members.

If you’re looking for more information as to what goes into a decommissioning and removal project for a generator, it can be found here: Generator Decommissioning and Removal

If you have a generator you’re looking to have decommissioning and removed from your facility, let us take on the project for you.

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