Emergency Generator Testing – When Was the Last Time You Tested Yours?

Just as smoke detector batteries should be checked regularly to ensure everything is in working order, emergency generator testing should also be completed regularly. A backup generator is essential in protecting mission-critical applications and keeping everything running smoothly during emergencies, but without regular testing, your unit may not be prepared to kick in during a power outage. In addition to giving peace of mind, regular emergency generator testing may be key to compliance with regulations that have been put in place for safety purposes.

Guidelines for Emergency Generator Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set regulations regarding how often certain types of generators should be tested in an effort to ensure the safety of building occupants. Depending on the type of generator and facility the unit is housed in, the recommended frequency of testing varies. Some common regulations and recommendations are as follows:

  • Weekly: Healthcare facilities are required to test emergency generators weekly. In a setting where systems such as life support rely on a steady power source to keep patients healthy and alive, backup generators cannot risk failure and frequent testing is mandatory.
  • Monthly: Healthcare facilities are required to conduct monthly load tests on emergency generators. For homes or facilities that do not rely on power to sustain life, monthly visual checks are recommended. This includes making sure there are no loose wires and that the generator doesn’t appear in any way damaged. The generator’s environment should be clean and clear of any debris.
  • Yearly: Recommendations for annual testing and maintenance include performing load bank testing and changing oil, filters and spark plugs. The cooling system may be flushed and coolant concentration should be checked.

Testing and maintenance of generators should never be rushed and always completed in a thorough manner to ensure units are in working order. It is also important to note that fuel maintenance is crucial in keeping backup generators in prime condition; the majority of engine failures for these units are fuel related.

Woodstock Carries Reliable Emergency Generators

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