What Is a Continuous Generator?

Continuous generators are commercial grade generators that are very similar to their Prime generator counterparts in that they can run for a prolonged period of time. Although they are very similar in that they both act and function as a main power source to run continuously or operate for extended periods of time, the major difference is that while prime generators are designed to operate over long duration at variable load, continuous generators are designed to continuously operate with a 100% consistent load for an unlimited number of hours.

Continuous generators are built with more heavy-duty, durable materials that enable the generator for run at maximum output and handle heavy loads without stopping. Almost every single component that is integrated into continuous generators is designed with the intent to keep the generator running without a hitch.

Why Use Continuous Generators?

Continuous generators are mainly used for remote projects that are located off the main power grid. Examples of these applications are mining, construction, oil & gas operations, drilling, or marine use such as large ships.

What Makes Continuous Generators Different? 

Continuous generators generally have a larger cooling system for heat dissipation. Due to the internal combustion process within the engine, large amounts of heat is generated and can build up, leading to overheating or even damage if not dissipated correctly. Due to this reason, the heat has to be handled and removed to prevent overheating from occurring. Generator engines usually use a Water Jacket cooling system, which reduces internal engine temperatures. This is achieved by the water jacket pump pulls the water from inside the engine and sends it to the radiator, which removes heat and circulates cold water back to the engine. A cooling system is also needed for other areas that can generate heat, such as the Turbo Charger, Cylinder Head, Engine Line, and lubrication oil.

Additional Benefits of Continuous Power Generators – Load Management

Continuous generators can be used in applications other than off the grid work. Continuous generators can be leveraged to offset power from utility companies at specific times via a method called load management.

Load management in short allows for a company to reduce energy usage during periods of heavy demand known as peak times. This is achieved by offsetting the energy (load) demand with a continuous power generator.

There are two ways to use a prime power generator for load management:

Peak Shaving:

Peak shaving is possible when the utility company provides you with a set amount of power. If your business or operations exceeds the fixed amount, the continuous power generator will start to run and make up for the difference. Normally, the utility provider will compensate your business for providing the additional power. This also allows the utility company to track and monitor your peak times and project how much power they need to provide across the grid.

Base Loading:

Base loading is the complete opposite of peak shaving. You would run your continuous power generator at a continuously fixed output and if you require power loads that exceed your generator’s output capability, the utility company will help make up the difference.

The Woodstock Power Company Experience

We have industry experts that focus on commercial backup power generator sets, with in-depth industry knowledge to help you choose the right generator that fits your needs.

Our experts are ready to assist you from answering any questions you may have about power generator sets to helping you find the best selection in our inventory based on:

  • Peak & Average Power Requirements
  • Fuel Preference (Natural Gas or Diesel)
  • Portability & Stationary Power
  • Prime & Standby Generator Requirements
  • Available Space & Exhaust Restrictions

Our experts are also able to help coach you on prime, continuous, and standby power generators, as well as finding the best surplus, new, or used generator that best fits your required application.

We carry only the most top rated new, used, and surplus power generator sets for sale, providing you with a great value generator that will fit your budget.

Our generators have been thoroughly inspected, serviced, and verified, which ensures that you will be buying a quality generator that you can depend on. If a generator is not up to par with industry standards, we make all necessary repairs or modifications, and fully test every generator before we sell. This ensures a full turnkey generator that’s ready to fire up and go!

Due to our wide selection of generator sets, we’re confident that we can find the model that best suits your operational needs.

We also buy used generators in good quality, if you have already upgraded and you’re looking to sell your older model.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or inquiries to learn more about the Woodstock Power Company experience and the quality level of products & services we provide.

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