Gas Powered Generators for Sale: How Do Data Centers Benefit?

gas powered generators for sale

If you’re looking for natural gas powered generators for sale, you know they can be ideal for data centers. Data centers need continuous power to keep all of the computer systems and data storage units running. Nothing could be worse for a data center than to lose power, even for as little as 10 seconds. Imagine losing all that data in an instant! Thankfully Woodstock Power has plenty of gas powered generators for sale. Keep reading to learn more about their benefits for data centers.


It’s been estimated that data centers are responsible for up to 2% of global carbon emissions. Thus, due to this and the tremendous amount of energy data centers consume, nothing is more important than clean energy. Thankfully, gas remains one of the cleanest fuel sources available for generators. Therefore, going green with gas powered generators for sale can save data centers money in the long run! So if you’re looking for a generator with the cleanest fuel source, look no further than gas powered generators.

Safe and Easy to Store Fuel

Storing diesel or propane comes with its fair share of risks. Who can afford a costly clean up? In addition, storing other fuel sources comes with all sorts of legal requirements. Do data centers have the time or room to do that?

If you want gas powered generators for sale, then you’re looking for a generator with no on-site fuel storage. They connect to local gas pipelines, making on-site storage unnecessary. This saves space, time, and adds safety. After all, one fuel spill can destroy thousands of dollars of equipment and data.


As mentioned above, gas powered generators connect to local pipelines. This makes them the most reliable generators available. With a gas powered standby generator, if the power goes out, it can be restored nearly instantly. Since data centers cannot afford to lose power, this feature is invaluable. In addition to this, fuel is always readily available so you never have to worry about having enough! Consider gas powered generators for sale if you want the most reliable fuel source.

Gas Powered Generators for Sale by Woodstock Power

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