Large Generator Rental: The Best Generators for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

large generator rental

So you’re looking for a large generator rental, the type of generator with power. Should you rent a single phase generator or a 3 phase generator? Which is the most efficient? Which is the best for your business? Below is a brief article comparing single and 3 phase generators.


The most fundamental difference between single and 3 phase generators are the number of alternating currents. Here’s a chart expressing some of these basics…

Single Phase 3 Phase
One alternating current 3 alternating currents
Voltage varies in the same way Balanced when currents are the same and symmetrically out of phase


Which delivers the most power?

Since 3 phase generators have more alternating currents, they also deliver more power. They are, therefore, best suited for large applications. Single phase generators are designed for simple functions such as lighting, heating, and running small electric motors. Meanwhile, 3 phase generators are built for large applications such as industrial sites and data centers. If you’re looking for a large generator rental, go with a 3 phase generator.

Which is the most efficient?

One might think since single phase generators are smaller, they are also more efficient, but that is not the case. 3 phase generators provide greater efficiency in terms of power and size. A 3 phase generator provides constant power so the total power is never zero. The constancy means its built to never shut off. Furthermore, since 3 phase generators provide greater power but are not terribly larger than single phase generators, 3 phase generators provide a more efficient use of space.

Need More Information?

If you’d like more information about large generator rental, and which might be best for you, contact us at Woodstock Power. Our kind and competent staff would love to talk you through your best options, including which option would be best for you financially. Reach out today!

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