Transportation and Installation of Backup Generator Rental

backup generator rental

Looking for a backup generator rental? You need a company who can help you find the right generator for your needs, will transport your generator safely, and can install your generator with no problems. Look no further than Woodstock Power. Below you’ll find a brief article summarizing just a few of the services we provide along with a backup generator rental.

Find the Right Generator for You

Finding the best generator to meet your needs can be such a hassle, especially since the industry is saturated with jargon. What’s the difference between single phase and 3 phase? Which fuel source is best: natural gas, diesel, or electric? Which brand name provides the best quality? How do I know I’m getting the most bang for my buck?

No need to worry. The staff at Woodstock Power are kind and competent. They have the expertise to know where to direct you, and the friendliness to help make the process easy and painless.   

Transport Your Generator Safely

If you’re worried about transporting a generator yourself or if that will be done safely, Woodstock Power provides peace of mind. We store generators throughout the country so that we can deliver anywhere promptly and safely. Furthermore, we rigorously test and tend to our generators so you know that transporting them carefully is a top priority. With these services, you can rest assured we will deliver your generator personally in a timely and conscientious fashion.

Install Your Generator for You

Generator installation can be a pain for a lot of people. How do you know its thorough and complete? The staff at Woodstock Power make it easy for you. Here’s how our installation process works.

  • First, we visit your facility and provide a quote.
  • Second, we arrange an appointment around your schedule.
  • Third, we work with you to determine the best placement for your unit.
  • Fourth, we help set up everything your generator needs, from concrete pads to wiring.
  • Fifth, we personally and methodically install your unit.
  • Last, we ensure everything works right to your fullest satisfaction.

Contact Woodstock Power for Your Backup Generator Rental

This was just a taste of the services we provide for your backup generator rental. Contact us today for more information. We’d love to help you out!

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