Sizing Your Generator for a Construction Site

Working on a construction site can often be hectic and precarious. Your employees are working closely together with powerful equipment and tools, and usually on a tight deadline. It’s the last place where you want to worry about losing power. Luckily, buying a generator for your construction site is quick and easy with Woodstock Power.

Trust Woodstock Power to Find Your Next Generator for Construction Site

From powering your various pieces of equipment and lighting systems to ensuring your temporary onsite office has reliable electricity, we can help you find the perfect used generator to meet your needs.

What is the right type of generator for a construction site?

Because the work you’re doing is transient, it’s important to invest in a portable generator for your business. Portable generators can supply power from any location, making them the logical choice for construction sites which are often found in remote places or do not have electrical outlets readily available. They allow you to get the job done efficiently and can protect your business in the case of a power outage or other emergency. This is a necessity in the construction business where you’re always working on a tight deadline.

A portable generator can be easily moved from place to place on your job site, allowing you to supply power to the appropriate locations as needed. When your current job is completed, simply pick up your portable generator and move on to the next project.

At Woodstock Power, we offer a wide variety of portable generators, including natural gas, diesel, and electric generators. These range anywhere from 25kW to 2500kW, and can be found in multiple sizes. For sites that need continuous power, we have three-phase units, while smaller sites that don’t constantly have large equipment running might want to consider a single-phase generator.

What size generator do you need?

When considering generators for your construction site, you’ll want to ensure that the equipment you purchase will supply enough power to handle your project efficiently. While it’s certainly important to consider the size of your site, it’s not necessarily the best indicator of the power level you will need. First, you’ll want to compile a list of all the equipment and machinery that needs powering. By considering the type of tools you’ll be using, as well as how many of them you’ll need to operate at once, you can make a better estimate of the amount of power you will require.

If you’re not sure how to estimate this on your own, let our experts help! We can determine the type of generator that will best power your construction site while always staying within or under your budget.

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