Do Hospitals Have Backup Generators?

do hospitals have backup generators

“Do hospitals have backup generators?” is an important question. After all, you’d hate to go to one that didn’t, and you certainly wouldn’t want to bring your loved ones there. Thankfully, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) legally requires all hospitals to have adequate backup generators. Read our blog about hospital generator requirements to learn more about regulations in this industry. For this week’s blog, we’ll show you why hospitals need quality backup generators.

Life Support

First, why do hospitals have backup generators? The most important reason is for those on life support. Typically, the law requires hospital backup generators to fully restore power within ten seconds of the initial outage. Any longer than that can cause serious harm to those on life support, including possibly the loss of life. This is why laws regarding the quality and maintenance for hospital generators tend to be stricter than for other industries.


Second, hospitals constantly run high-tech, expensive equipment. From MRIs, X-rays machines, heart monitors, and more, hospitals need these machines to work properly at any and all times. If power goes out in a hospital for any long length of time, then these machines can be damaged. In addition, electronic record-keeping means that medical records and other important documents rely on electricity and internet to be available to doctors and staff. Hospitals have tighter generator laws so that they can keep these vital machines running. Furthermore, as mentioned above, power going out on any of these machines can cost lives.

Occupational Safety

Third, another reason as to why do hospitals have backup generators is for occupational safety. When you visit a hospital, one thing you will notice is that every area is always extremely well lit. You’d be hard-pressed to find one square foot of dimly-lit or dark space anywhere. Why? Safety. Imagine if surgeons, doctors, and emergency staff had to do their work in the dark! One dim room or sudden blackout from a power outage could mean disaster. Therefore, occupational safety is a major reason for why hospitals have backup generators.

Why do hospitals have backup generators? Learn More at Woodstock Power

If you’d like more information on backup hospital generators, check out this blog about the requirements for hospital backup generators. Or, you can always contact us at Woodstock Power. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to help you find everything you need.

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