On-Site Power Generation: Can It Save Your Facility Money?

If your facility, whether large or small, currently buys power from a local electric utility, here’s some good news: generating your own power on-site could save money! Some ways your facility could benefit from on-site power generation include:

  • Savings: Generating your own power can be cheaper than purchasing power from outside sources. In addition to initial savings from on-site power generation, your facility may choose to utilize the heat that’s given off by power generation. This, in turn, can save on other methods of maintaining a heated facility, such as the cost of gas usually used to sustain heated buildings.
  • Control: By generating your own power, your company will gain control over every aspect of your power source. You’ll have the ability to enhance power quality by keeping your system up-to-date. By having generators on-site, you can keep an eye on the process and know first hand where and how your power is sourced.
  • Reliability: On-site power generation means your facility is protected against power failures due to bad weather, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances that can cause disruptions. Traditionally, power grids allow power to be distributed across far distances. This means that even bad storms that aren’t in your area but that affect your power source can equal disaster. In addition to owning generators to cut reliance on outside power sources, adding a backup generator for redundancy could also ensure your facility never loses power.
  • Sustainability: On-site power generation is more efficient than outsourcing. Less energy is lost in transmission from the power source to your facility; your company also can choose directly what method is being used to generate power. This means it is a greener practice, friendlier to the environment and more sustainable in the long run.

Deciding to generate your own power is a simple and smart step. The next steps include the purchase and installation of power generators that will be used to manufacture on-site power. Different facilities require different on-site power generation systems; to figure out what’s best for you and for answers to your questions, Woodstock Power Company offers assistance by phone or email 24/7.

Affordable On-Site Power Generation from Woodstock

For great deals and huge savings on power generators, Woodstock Power Company can help. We have a large inventory full of used generators that are much more affordable than new options. Buying used won’t mean sacrificing quality: each unit we carry has been carefully tested for reliability. We carry a number of leading name brands at a fraction of the original cost, meaning further savings for your facility.

Call our friendly and helpful customer service anytime, day or night, at 610-658-3242. Alternatively, we are available by email at sales@woodstockpower.com. For the best in service, quality and savings, count on Woodstock to help your facility save money.

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