Benefits of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators have long since been a staple within various industries and used in many different applications. Diesel generators have been known to be well-built, rugged, and sturdy enough to take on all types of tasks and demands. Whether the needs and demands may be for disaster recovery, construction operations, data center backup power, mining operations, hospital backup for emergency, etc, there are many reasons why diesel generators are relied upon.

Key Advantages of Diesel Generators

While natural gas generators are also commonly used within many industries, why do some favor diesel generators over their natural gas counterparts? We’ll review some of the big reasons why diesel generators are a popular choice.

Fuel Type & Output Efficiency

Diesel fuel is known for its stability (less flammable than gas), energy density to volume ratio, and efficient consumption rates. In general, diesel generators burn less than half the amount of fuel when compared to their natural gas counterparts, while capable of the same amount of work output.

Service & Maintenance

Diesel generators, when not used continuously as a primary source of power (for example as a standby generator for backup needs) require less maintenance when compared to their natural gas counterparts. A large part of this reason is due to the fact that diesel generators do not have spark plugs for spark-ignition, which reduces the frequency of maintenance intervals.


Diesel generators these days have overall lower maintenance costs when compared to older diesel generator units and natural gas generators. As we’ve stated, diesel generators are built tough. They’re meant to be sturdy and extremely resilient, which allows these units to withstand rigorous applications of high compression use. Diesel units also run cooler than natural gas units, which allow diesel generators to enjoy greater longevity and overall lifespan.


As stated earlier, diesel generators are not only extremely durable, but also highly versatile. These commercial grade generators can be used across many different industries and used for various applications that allow a diesel generator to truly become a primary source of power whether installed on-site or used as a portable unit to power off-grid projects. This allows diesel generators to provide power in most places that are off the main power grid, but a primary power source is required to power key tools and equipment.

Key Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

While on paper – diesel generators seem like a great choice when selecting a backup generator, though they are not without their downsides.


While diesel generators enjoy less frequent periods of service & maintenance when compared to their natural gas counterparts, the cost of acquisition for a diesel generator is generally higher in comparison to a natural gas generator. This cost should be a consideration when starting your search for a backup generator.

Fuel Costs

Diesel generators rely on diesel fuel, which means that the fuel cost is directly affected by current market rates of diesel fuel, so this cost should also be calculated in when considering a diesel generator.

Fuel Storage

In addition to fuel costs, diesel generators are also limited by their diesel storage capacity. Simply put, the maximum amount of time a diesel generator can run over a period of time is limited to the size of the fuel tank. The larger the fuel tank, the more diesel fuel can be stored, which means the generator can run for a longer period of time.

Fuel Supply

Requiring diesel fuel storage means that you will also have to plan for contingency measures in case of extended power outages, which include staff on-site to ensure diesel fuel deliveries are on-time and the diesel fuel supply is replenished. This also requires you to secure a steady supply chain of diesel fuel delivery, which could be challenging in emergency situations, such as hurricanes or inclement weather, like blizzards of winter weather super storms.


One of the biggest drawbacks to diesel generators is the noise the engine produces. In general, backup commercial generators produce a lot of noise and are loud. While this may not be too much of a concern when out in the suburbs or rural areas, this could pose a problem in urban environments. Diesel generators can produce noise levels at high decibels that can cause headaches or even damage eardrums of those that are exposed to it. A way to combat this is by installing a sound-attenuated generator enclosure that helps reduce the noise levels that are produced by the generator. These enclosures not only help with noise, but also help provide weatherproofing to help protect the generator from exposure to the elements.

If the generator is to be installed indoors, ensure that the designated generator room is placed strategically in an area that prevents the noise and vibrations from negatively affecting your employees. It would be best to work with a consultant to help you best locate the optimal installation location for your generator within the building.


While newer diesel generators run much cleaner than older diesel generators, diesel generators still produce a smoky exhaust that carries a strong odor. These emissions are toxic to both humans and animals and can even result in fatalities if inhaled in large quantities or for prolonged periods of time. This is one of the single biggest reasons why many generator owners and operators prefer to install their generator outdoors. Those who install their generators indoors within a designated generator room must ensure that they have an exhaust system that can expel these emissions safely outside without exposing these emissions and particulates to those working within the building.

While there are many reasons why diesel generators are preferred/ill-favored within the industry, these are some of the biggest influencing factors. It must be noted that both diesel and natural gas generators have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which generator type would best suit your needs or application.

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