Benefits of Using a Three-Phase High Voltage Diesel Generator

high voltage diesel generator

If you’re trying to save money but looking for a powerful, high voltage diesel generator, then a used three-phase generator is the best choice for you. Three-phase high voltage diesel generators are ideal for data centers, large commercial buildings, or industrial centers. This article from Woodstock Power discusses the benefits of using a three-phase high voltage diesel generator.


If you’re looking for a high voltage diesel generator, you’re looking for power. With that in mind, three-phase generators produce exceptionally higher voltage than single-phase generators. Common voltages for single-phase generators are 120, 240 and 120/240, but typically the voltage for a three-phase unit is 480. Other three-phase industrial generator voltages include:

  • 208
  • 120/208
  • 277/480
  • 240
  • 4160
  • 600 (primarily used in Canada)

High-voltage generators like these provide a power factor of 0.8. Also, they are primarily used for powering electrical industrial motors with higher horsepower and other heavy-duty applications.


Now, you might be thinking that power like that comes at a pretty penny, but buying a used three-phase high voltage diesel generator from Woodstock Power can give you all the bang for much less buck. In fact, you could save up to 70% off of the cost of a new one!

If you’re concerned that sacrificing dollars means sacrificing quality, do not worry. We purchase working, brand-name high-voltage generators ranging from 25kW-2500kW, perform any necessary restoration/repair work, and test them to ensure they’re in peak operating condition. Any generator that does not meet our high standards is rejected. 


Far and away the greatest benefit of purchasing a three-phase high voltage diesel generator is its efficiency. Consider how it contrasts with single-phase generators…

  • More efficient use of conductors – with the same peak voltage between conductors and the same current in each conductor, 3-phase generators deliver three times more power with one and a half times the copper compared to single-phase generators.
  • Always producing mechanical power – instantaneous power is never zero in a 3-phase generator, so no start winding is necessary and they have a smaller frame for the same horsepower.

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If you’d like to know more about three-phase high voltage diesel generators, then let the expert staff at Woodstock Power do the hard work for you. Contact us and our friendly team can talk you through more benefits and help you decide what generator is right for your business.

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