The Importance of Generators for Theme Parks

The Importance of Generators for Theme Parks

Theme parks are an excellent place for people of all ages to have fun with friends and family. The rides, attractions, food stands and gift shops make a day at the park exciting and memorable. Still, one thing can turn this fun-filled day into one your patrons will remember for the wrong reason: a power outage.

Theme parks and power outages should stay as far away from each other as possible. A power outage at your theme park could have grave consequences, each leading to money out of your pocket. Purchasing and installing a generator for your theme park could save you a lot of trouble if you lose power.

Prepare for Power Outages

Prepare for Power Outages

Your theme park may have never faced an electrical issue before, but consider the effect a power outage could have on your business. The day something goes wrong with the power grid, you could face backlash from hundreds or even thousands of unhappy patrons. A few hours with no power is bad enough. An extended power outage could have severe financial consequences, leading to a drop in profits for weeks, months or even years to come.

It makes sense to prepare for power outages like someone would ready their house for a storm. It isn’t about whether it will happen — it’s a matter of when. With this mindset, you’ll be able to plan for the day your theme park suffers a power outage. Purchasing generators for theme parks is one of the wisest things owners can do to ensure their customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Consider the following effects a power outage could have on your theme park:

  • Low visibility at night
  • No air conditioning in buildings
  • Patrons stuck on rides
  • No refrigeration at food stands
  • Disabled automatic safety precautions
  • No electric transportation
  • Lost profits

Later, we’ll discuss how these issues can affect your business’ and your customers’ well-being.

Power outages can be unpredictable, and it could be hours or even days before engineers restore the electrical grid’s stability. Consider setting up a contingency plan so you, your employees and your customers can get through a power outage gracefully. Everyone should understand what to do before, during and after a power outage strikes.

Use the following steps to help you prepare for a power outage.

  1. Take inventory of your theme park: What needs electricity to run? What are your essential assets? How much electricity will they need to work? Use our online power calculator to help you determine your power needs.
  2. Purchase and install the right generator: Your generator needs to power rides, food stands, lights and more. Make sure it is powerful enough to do so. At Woodstock Power Company, we offer backup power generators that can get the job done.
  3. Train your employees: Your employees need to know how to respond to a power outage. Even with a backup generator, your workers may need to take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Ensure they understand how operations could change during a power outage and what they need to do to keep customers safe and happy.
  4. Stay calm: Customers will look to your employees during power outages. Train your staff to stay calm and reassure guests that the backup generator will turn on shortly. Once it is up and running, keep providing excellent customer service to your patrons.
  5. Return to normalcy: You may have to recalibrate some aspects of your business once the power outage passes. Steps to take could involve throwing away spoiled food, resetting computers and checking rides. When the power grid is functional again, ensure everyone will be safe as operations return to normal.

Minimize Safety Risks

Minimize Safety Risks

The whole reason you need to prepare for power outages is to avoid the negative consequences they can bring to your business. Theme parks are expensive to maintain, but they also bring in a lot of revenue. During power outages, revenue comes to a screeching halt. Patrons leave the park in droves, leaving you paying employees to stand around. That can play havoc with your profit projections, but that should be the least of your worries.

Power outages have safety risks that can lead to even more money out of your pocket in litigation fees and settlements. The first question customers will ask is, “Why weren’t you ready for a power outage?” By then, it’s too late. With a generator powering your theme park when the grid goes down, you can minimize safety risks that can lead to legal fees, injuries or worse.

You understand the effects power outages can have, but what about other negative aspects associated with them? The following is a good indicator to any negative experiences that may arise from power outages:

  1. Low visibility: If a power outage occurs at night, customers will struggle to find their way around the park. People could stumble, trip or bump into each other. At this point, injuries such as sprained ankles or broken bones are a genuine concern, especially for older guests. Low visibility could also increase a sense of panic in your customers, which only makes matters worse. A lot can go wrong if people can’t see clearly. A backup generator can help keep the lights on for safety.
  2. No heating or cooling: Theme park managers want to keep employees comfortable in extreme temperatures. During a power outage, you won’t be able to heat or cool your buildings. A lack of climate control can cause distress and discomfort for your employees and customers. In a heat wave, some patrons can become dehydrated and even faint. A backup generator can help keep HVAC systems up to keep your buildings cooled and heated in a power loss.
  3. Customers trapped on rides: Guests can begin to panic if they get stuck on rides, which might lead to a litigation nightmare. Some attractions might stop with your patrons high in the air, increasing risks if they attempt to leave their seats. If a ride stops with riders upside down, they will become extremely uncomfortable as the blood rushes to their heads. Avoid these instances at all costs by installing a generator to keep the rides going.
  4. Spoiled food: When the power goes down, refrigerators and freezers stop working. If the power grid stays off long enough, your refrigerated and frozen foods could spoil. Install a backup generator for your theme park to keep food fresh and safe to eat. You don’t want to serve guests anything that could give them food poisoning.

Secure Your Reputation

Industrial generators can power your theme park when you need it most. Having a backup generator can make all the difference in your theme park’s long-term success. If you have a robust backup plan and well-trained employees who can help carry it out, you’ll be able to survive the power outage with barely a hiccup. You could even earn a stellar reputation among your guests from your quick, calm and professional response to the power outage.

It’s entirely possible to achieve this best-case scenario if you have a contingency plan that can keep your employees and customers safe when the power goes out. If you lack such a strategy, the opposite will be the case. Without a backup generator and a plan to keep your theme park operational, you risk ruining your reputation, which can affect your career and business for years to come.

Some theme parks never recover from the notoriety they receive after one unfortunate instance. That’s all it takes in the hospitality industry. Customers can lose faith in your emergency response, and view your theme park as unsafe or low-quality. Rather than associating your property with fun and thrills, they will only remember the discomfort and stress they experienced that day. Previously loyal guests might look for a new park to attend next time.

The risk of ruining your reputation can snowball from there. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to advertise a business or product. Your patrons will go home and tell their friends, family and co-workers about the experience they had at your theme park when the power went out. People who may have been planning a visit to your park may decide to look elsewhere after hearing a horror story from someone they trust.

Another factor to consider regarding your reputation is social media. Imagine the damage to your theme park’s reputation if hundreds of guests start posting pictures, videos or livestreams of themselves stuck on your rides. Content showcasing panicky patrons in a powerless theme park could go viral. Local newspapers might pick up the story, and people all over the internet will see that your theme park couldn’t handle a power outage. You might never recover from this infamy.

A well-executed emergency response can help you steer clear of this nightmare scenario. Park-goers want to feel safe when they are enjoying a day at an amusement park. Accomplish this with a backup generator as the centerpiece of your contingency plan. When you keep rides running and lights on, you’ll have happier customers. You have the chance to boost your reputation in the industry if you show how thoroughly you’ve prepared for events such as power outages. Your customers will feel like their well-being is your top priority. Minimize Safety Risks

Consider Your Options

Now that you understand the importance of having a detailed crisis response plan for your theme park, consider your options. It would be unwise to delay getting a backup generator, but you also want to make sure you’re buying the right one. Your contingency plan depends on it.

There are several points to consider when choosing the right generator. The following list will help as you determine your business’ needs and the type of generator you should invest in.

  1. What size generator should you get? Generators come in a range of sizes. If you buy an oversized one, you’ll be wasting money and energy. If your generator is too small for your theme park, various rides or concession stands might not get the power they need. Determine the right size generator to make sure your contingency plan works.
  2. Should you buy a new or used generator? Generators can be expensive. You may consider getting a brand-new generator if you have the capital, but used generators are also a great option. At Woodstock Power Company, we offer used generators to help keep costs down as you create your contingency plan.
  3. Does your theme park need a single-phase or three-phase generator? Single-phase generators are a smart choice if you’re powering one piece of equipment at a time. However, for theme parks, we recommend using a three-phase generator. These give enough continuous energy to power multiple machines at once.
  4. What fuel will your generator need? You could install a natural gas generator or a diesel generator for your theme park. You could even get an electric-powered generator if you want a more environmentally friendly option. Woodstock Power Company offers all three, so we can help you choose the right one.
  5. How and where will you install your generator? Installing a backup generator requires some planning. Ensure you have space for it before you buy one. Do you have room for your new generator? Where will you put it? Does it require any custom work to install it? There are many factors to consider, and you may need professional help to make the right decisions.
  6. How will you pay for your generator? You have a few options for acquiring a backup generator, such as renting or buying outright. We know generators can be expensive. We don’t want this to stop you from getting the equipment you need. That’s why we offer financing plans to help you plan and prepare for a power outage.

Consider these options to help you get the right generator for your theme park’s needs. Woodstock Power Company can help you as you make these decisions. We are here for you every step of the way.

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