Backup Generators for Cryptocurrency Mining

With the increasing rise of cryptocurrency, commercial and industrial grade natural gas generators are playing an increased role in the industry. While traditionally, backup generators were used to provide backup power to data centers and colocation centers that hosted cryptocurrency miners, advancements in technology and increased energy costs have prompted many cryptocurrency miners to look for new avenues to continue crypto mining operations while trying to minimize excess costs.

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More Than a Backup Generator

While backup generators were traditionally used in data centers and data center colocation centers to ensure maximum uptime for these facilities in the event of a power outage, these commercial/industrial grade generators are being repurposed to help meet demand in rising energy costs and limitations of the main utility grid. More specifically, natural gas generators are front and center when it comes to reoutfitting areas such as decommissioned coal mines or oilfields in establishing cryptocurrency mining operations via mobile mining containers or cryptocurrency mining hubs.

Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions

Building out a setup to mine cryptocurrency in locations such as coal mines and oilfields is no simple task. It is a very involved process that includes many steps and necessary items to successfully achieve a completed product. Woodstock Power Company has experience in providing power solutions to power these cryptocurrency mining setups and partners with manufacturers to help provide you with an end-user-ready product.

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