What Is Engine Blow-by? What Does it Mean?

What Is Engine Blow-by?

Engine blow-by is when there is a leakage of air-fuel mixture or of combustion gases between a piston and the cylinder wall into the crankcase of an automobile.

Some signs of engine blow-by could be loud or sputtering noises coming from the engine, which could also be accompanied by clouds of exhaust or vented fumes. You’ve probably seen or heard it on the road as you’re driving or walking down the sidewalk and see a car or bus that has these signs. The same principle that is happening to the car or bus is essentially happening with your generator engine.

So how does this happen? It happens when the internal combustion that occurs in your engine’s combustion chamber causes contaminants such as air, fuel, and moisture to be forced past the piston rings within the crankcase. If your engine’s piston rings do not have a good fit, they cannot contain the pressure produced from the combustion, resulting in leakage of air-fuel mixture and contaminants.

It must be noted that engine blow-by does not solely occur in diesel engines, but can also occur within gas engines, as well.

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What Are Some of the Causes?

Over time, piston rings wear away, making them less capable of maintaining a firm seal. As the piston rings continue to wear away, the amount of blow-by can increase. Any soot and deposits that are left over from incomplete combustion will collect on the rings, interfere with their seal, and can further worsen engine blow-by.

Additional causes of blow-by:

  • Bad, broken, or improperly fit piston rings
  • Piston damage or defects
  • Gaps or space between the piston rings

How Does Blow-By Affect Engines?

Blow-by inhibits overall performance due to a loss of compression.

Blow-by coats parts of the intake with oil and fuel. After wear and degradation of piston rings and cylinder walls, more air, fuel, and moisture can slip into the crankcase.

When gases expand and slip past the piston rings, they cannot effectively push the piston down to make the engine produce sufficient output during the power stroke of the engine, resulting in a drop in horsepower.

Additionally, the engines will produce a much louder noise and can exhaust fumes that are forced out of the engine vents.

Blow-by will also result in increased fuel consumption. If contaminants such as air, fuel, and moisture slip into the crankcase, they can contaminate the oil and cause dilution. If there are any remnants of gases, unburned fuel, moisture, sulfur dioxide, and soot particulates left behind in your engine’s compression chamber. If these contaminants slip into your crankcase, they can seep into the engine and cause extensive damage.

Simply stated, engine blow-by will decrease the efficiency of your engine overall, result in costly and time-intensive repairs, or cause irreparable damage.

Preventative Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your engine is key to help prevent engine blow-by. Frequently changing the engine’s oil will help remove any solid carbon buildup, which are known to erode metal. Adding treatments and detergents to the fuel and oil will help dissolve solids and buildup into liquid form. Using high quality oils and fuels will also keep the engine running longer and will ensure that combustion occurs correctly. This will prevent the creation of solid byproducts like hydrocarbon combustion solids, which wear away metal. Regularly collecting and sending oil samples to have the oil checked for any foreign particulates and residue can also help inform you if there is any degradation occurring within the engine.

What If My Engine Has Blow-By?

Usually if your engine is experiencing problems of blow-by, it may be too late. The next step would be to clean and/or replace piston rings and cleaning or resurfacing of the engine block cylinder walls. Alternatively, it may be a prompt to replace the engine or genset altogether.

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